Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sebelius and others could learn a lesson from Crist...

Right now, most of Florida is covered in ash, sure it's a light dusting, not quite like Pompeii, but it's there. There are fires (at least 240 of them) burning in nearly every county in the state. Right now in the "heart of Florida" where we are, we're being bombarded by smoke and ash from not only the local Florida fires but the fires in South Georgia too. Most of those fighting the Florida wildfires are from paid city and county fire companies, volunteer units, and the Florida Department of Agriculture. The Florida National Guard is assisting and even though some of their equipment is in Iraq, they still have enough to pitch in. Other states have offered too.

What's the story here you ask?

It's not just about the tireless efforts of these thousands of firefighters, it's about the leadership of this state. When crisis hit, Crist didn't go public whining and blaming the President. He took what action was necessary of an individual in his position and he's getting things done.

Now regardless of your political differences with Crist, THAT is how a leader takes charge.


  1. Anonymous5/11/2007

    Floridians have always been self sufficient. I believe it is all the hurricanes we face. We face the challenge and become stronger people rather than whining and looking for a government hand out.--ST

  2. Absolutely Susan.... :)