Monday, May 21, 2007

Selling out the American people...

The President's proposal includes a "Z" visa which would give immediate work authorization to illegals who arrived before January 1st 2007. The head of household would have to return to the home country within eight years but would be guaranteed the right to return.

So how on earth do you figure out if someone here illegally was here before January 1st? And WHAT is the point of sending the head of household back home? What if the head of household is the ONLY person making money in that family? What if the head of household is a single parent? What? The head of household returns to their home country and the kids stay here alone? And even if that's not the case, WHY does the head of household have to go back?

Then there's the $5,000 penalty. Ok listen, that's a lot of money for many Americans, are we saying that money automatically makes it ok to break the law? I suppose though that makes sense given the number of wealthy people in this country who break laws all the time and wind up with a slap on the wrist and a fine.

The "Y" visa would be issued to 400,000 "guest workers" per year. These "guest workers" would come here for two years, go back home for a year and then come back for two more years. They may enter three times for a total stay of six years if they don't bring their family but if they do bring them, they can only enter once. Guest workers earn points toward a "merit based green card" and may bring their families in for thirty day visitor visas each year.

When they get here, who is going to keep track of them? Our government can't keep track of the ones here now! There isn't enough enforcement to track down every person who overstays their visa as it is, are we really gullible enough to believe this horseshit? That these people, whose home countries likely SUCK, which is why they're here in the first place, are just going to go back there after being in the land of freedom and opportunity for thirty days?

I think not!

These people come here for a reason, because it is safer, they can make more money, there are better schools, a retirement system, and more opportunities for them in America than in their home country. THAT is why they're here. I for one am not stupid enough to believe they're going back on their own.

The bill states that border fencing would be strengthened.

Sure it would.

And the number of border patrol agents would be increased.

Yeah ok.

And oh yes, employers who hire "undocumented" aka illegals would be fined.


These people in Washington must think their constituents are stupid. I mean do we really have MORON written across our face in bright blinking lights? Do they really think that we're not thinking that in another twenty years we'll be facing the very same issue?

America does not have unlimited resources and unless Bush is willing to annex Mexico, overthrow the corrupt Mexican government and install our own, and take their resources and use them to supplement what we have, then eventually we're going to run out.

Bush sold us out. Plain and simple. He's so worried about the people of the world, especially our neighbors in Mexico, then he should be pushing for change down there so the people can stay in their own country and enjoy the same opportunities there as we enjoy here.

I'll tell ya right now any of my lawmakers vote for amnesty, they're history as far as I'm concerned. My vote goes elsewhere. I don't have an answer for this, I know it has to be solved and I am torn on what to do but I feel that if we grant this now, we'll be doing it again in twenty years. And believe this---if we have some 20 million illegals here now, even if only HALF bring their families with them permanently, we'd wind up with close to 100 million people in the next several years--that includes the ones who are here, the family members they'd bring and the babies they would have.

We just can't do it.

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