Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why did we never hear about this?

This story is one of the most horrendous and gruesome crimes I have read about in recent memory. I can't imagine the horror Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom endured during their torture and murder and I can't imagine the pain their families feel at this moment.

The couple was carjacked and then the perps raped Christopher in front of his girlfriend, then shot multiple times, set on fire and dumped near railroad tracks. Channon was beaten, gang raped and urinated on for two days until her assaulters poured bleach down her throat in an attempt to cover up DNA evidence and then they shot her multiple times, dismembered her and dumped the pieces of her body in separate bags in the kitchen garbage can at the home of one of the perps.

Why haven't we heard anything about it?

Because the victims are white and the perps are black. I personally don't care what color the perps or the victims were but the truth is the truth here--that race is exactly WHY this has received no nationwide media attention. If five white perps had raped, tortured and murdered a young black couple, you can bet this would be all over the news. And the great "reverents" Jackson and Sharpton would be calling for "justice".

This story needs to be heard. Channon and Christopher's story deserves to receive NATIONAL media attention, not because of race, but because people need to know.

Why hasn't it?

It's because we're being bombarded with so-called "news" about Paris Hilton going to jail, who won American Idol, Britney Spears having a temper tantrum on a plane, the Simpsons 400th episodes and Sylvester Stallone being busted for importing muscle building hormones into Australia.

That's why.

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  1. It's astonishing what can be overlooked by our mainstream media in favor of the headline/attention getting stuff--the Paris Hiltons, the Anna Nicole Smiths, etc--I don't care which starlets opt out of wearing panties, who showed up drunk to what event, or which celebrity is sporting a potential 'baby bump' (:P I hate that phrase!!)
    I want to know what is going on in our world. No spin, no BS, no celebrity hijinx!

    Thanks for popping by, btw, and *blushing* thank you for the lovely complement, as well!!