Friday, May 04, 2007

Yes children you are making your parents proud...

A word to the wise to all the dumbshit little teenagers out there who think that making bomb threats to their school is cool and enhances their image---it's only a matter of time before your sorry ass is busted. And when they get you it won't matter how rich your parents are or how much you cry or blame someone else for making you do it. You are a criminal, plain and simple.

If I had a kid who pulled that stunt, they wouldn't be seeing daylight for a year. Ok now before you call DCF and take away the kids I don't even have, I'm not talking about locking them in the basement although I am sure at times parents wish they could. I am talking about taking away every damn thing they enjoy doing, playing with, driving, etc. No car, no license, no prom, no after school activities, no mall with the friends, NOTHING.

I can only imagine the disgrace felt by the parents of the kids arrested in nearby Marion County (Ocala) recently. It seems every day there's a report of a bomb threat. Some kids have been busted while others are still on the loose. Meanwhile every time this happens, the students either stay home or are forced out of the classrooms while police search the entire school. By the time the police give the all-clear, a half-day has been wasted as has thousands in taxpayer dollars and MORE IMPORTANTLY hundreds of hours in police manpower which has been diverted from real crimes and investigations.

I feel for the parents who tried raising their kids right and still have kids who do this but I have to wonder if a kid is raised right do they even think about this kind of behavior? What makes a kid do something like this?

For most kids anymore, it's a serious lack of guidance and discipline. Parents don't care, don't have time to care, think schools should raise their kids, or chalk it up to "oh it's just a silly childhood prank"



  1. Anonymous5/06/2007

    Thank you for understanding . . .as a student who attends school in Marion County, it is very stressful for us to have to deal with a lockdown every other day because somebody across town decided to make a threat. Our finals are coming up, and were in the process of craming in our classrooms, and it's hard to get anything done when we go into code yellow every other day. Some kids aren't coming to school and the ones who do have no oppurtunity to learn. I just hope they don't try to extend the school year because of this.

  2. I wish you lots of luck getting through the remainder of the term, hopefully there will be no more of this crap. We all feel for you guys are going through. Hang in there!