Friday, June 29, 2007

Justice for all regardless of status...or lack of it...

I recently read a news story where a local well-known family alleges police tried to enter their home without a search warrant looking for two family members. The family went before the county commission to complain. The Sheriff is looking into the matter and I believe she will get to the bottom of it. If the police were in the wrong, I am sure she will discipline them. In the meantime, people are outraged because the families involved are, according to one source in the story, well-known and respected and "not the kind of folks who should be enduring this kind of interaction with their local law enforcement."

The family involved is famous for their two sons who are former college football stars and currently play professional football, one of which was present when this incident took place.

I have nothing against this family, I don't even know them. My opinion on this matter isn't about them, it is about the use of status by media and others in an effort to portray that a party or parties is deserved of something because of that status.

If the police mistreated this family when visiting their home, there is no doubt the family deserves an apology and the Sheriff needs to dispense the appropriate justice. But this is the same justice I would want for my own family, friends and others I know (and don't know) who are not important, well-known or celebrities in their respective communities, but are law abiding American citizens who have harmed no one. No law abiding person deserves mistreatment by law enforcement or the justice system.

Usually we're all talking about how celebrities and well-known people don't get justice, so it's kind of interesting that I am here talking about the idea that justice shouldn't be solely for those who fit that category.

The bottom line is that we need to take great care to ensure that justice is for all and should have nothing to do with status or lack of it.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Proof that the American people are STILL in control!

Well America, your phone calls, emails, and faxes finally paid off. The amnesty bill has been defeated in the Senate! And yes, it is amnesty, I don't care how the President twists the meaning. It's rather humorous--his adamant defense that the bill is not amnesty because the illegals have to pay a fine.

Now first off, the general definition of amnesty is to pardon, exempt from punishment, liberate, and so get the point. In the case of the millions of illegals in this country, a $5,000 fine which is payable over a period of years in exchange for a pardon and a path to US citizenship is hardly a punishment, wouldn't you agree?

I can guarantee you have no idea what I am talking about...

I hate it when I am angry about something but can't discuss it but I did promise Deb I wouldn't say a word about it and I won't. The thing that sucks is that it's an issue that really gets to me and it involves politics (naturally). Let's see if I can put it in a way that doesn't reveal anything, this way I can avoid a severe butt-kicking by my best friend.

There's this government entity, we'll call them the party of the 1st part, and because they think their poopie doesn't stink (that's for my cousin Dana who thinks I need to clean up the language in my blog LOL) they do something that isn't so kosher and by that I mean perhaps in line with governing rules and regulations, which in turn screws over the party of the 2nd part. The party of the first part attempts to cover it up and then put responsibility for the mess on the party of the second part, that'd be the ones that got screwed.

Now, for the sake of those who aren't catching on so quickly, let me put it in simple terms...

"government sucks"

I hope that wasn't too offensive to any non-bright people or government employees out there.... LOL

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

US Attorney Johnny Sutton stinks! Supports illegals, prosecutes law enforcement!

I'm so angry I could punch a hole in the wall. The only thing is that the wall is solid block and I'd break my hand and that would be very bad.

To my recollection this story was not covered in the mainstream media when it originally occurred, but I found out about it today while reading up on a related story.

I am just floored. I am angry. I am so f'in pissed.

On April 14, 2005, Texas deputy sheriff named Gilmer Hernandez attempted to stop two illegals in a routine traffic stop. The two illegals in the van tried to run him over and so Hernandez shot out the tires to stop the van. The two illegals were injured by fragments of the bullets and afterwards US Attorney Johnny Sutton went after Hernandez and as a result the deputy sheriff was sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison for criminal violation of the illegal aliens civil rights. The feds had originally recommended a seven year sentence.

According to WorldNetDaily, the civil suit damages sought by the illegals are for medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and physical impairment. They are also seeking reimbursment of attorneys fees and litigation costs.

Want to know who is representing the illegals Maricela Rodriguez-Garcia and Candido Garcia-Perez?

James D. Doyle, III of the law firm Kuhn, Doyle & Kuhn, P.C., in Austin Texas. Their website is at and their email is Their phone is 800-256-5846.

US Attorney Johnny Sutton's website is and you can also write or call him at Johnny SuttonUnited States AttorneyWestern District of Texas601 N.W. Loop 410, Suite 600San Antonio, Texas 78216Telephone (210) 384-7400

Better yet why not contact your congressman and demand Hernandez be released and the two illegals be deported!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bush should demand Vietnam release our POW's...

Bush entertained Vietnam's President Nguyen Minh Triet at the White House this weekend. I would like to think he demanded release of the American POW's still being held captive since the Vietnam war, but I highly doubt it. I believe we still have soldiers there. There's enough credible information from a variety of credible sources that it is so and as long as those men are there, the Vietnamese president should not be welcome in our country.

Bush says he wants the US to have good relations with Vietnam. Ok fine, how about Vietnam showing their good intentions by sending our guys home after almost forty years in captivity?

Muslim headscarves ok but Christian chastity rings are not...

Well that's nothing new, I mean hell we're bending over backwards to make damn sure non-Christians, especially Muslims aren't offended. This story is yet another fine example of the hypocrisy.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Sho me da money!

The good news is that my raise came through--this though is a departmental request and not the regular annual increase from the state. Of course you know from a previous post a few weeks ago that the State of Florida decided in all its infinite wisdom that it couldn't afford to give at least its best employees merit increases so we're stuck with a $1,000 bonus which to my dismay comes in a check separate from the paycheck so it is taxed at a higher rate. Last time we got these bonuses I brought home $666. At least both DH and I get these bonuses so I think we're going to put them in our Roth IRA's. The raise I did wind up getting is a 10%. I volunteered to take over some responsibilities of a person who was terminated because the tasks fall into line with some of what I do anyway and it made complete sense for me to incorporate them into my job so.....hey ten percent is better than nothing right?

Dreams gone wild...

Ok it's no secret that I have the strangest dreams of anyone I know and most people I don't know. I've heard that perhaps my dreams are a sign of mental instability. Well if I'm mentally unstable then it runs in the family and it's not my fault, just ask my folks :) Anyway, I've been pondering posting about dream I had about a week ago. You will just never, ever believe who in the hell was in it. I'm not even sure how to approach it. Mere mention of his name in this post will bring the neo-nazis to my front door shouting I'm their messiah. Good God can you imagine being the messiah of the neo-nazis?

But alas, the dream is too f*cked up not to talk about it.

Are you ready?

I was in a classroom with about 25 other people, our teacher was none other than Adolph Hitler.

I know I know, it's f*cked up but just keep reading ok?

Well we're in the classroom and he says he's going to give us all four receipts with his signature on them and we're to place them next to photos of people we want to save. Now these receipts were small pieces of paper, grayish in color, with text on them....imagine the kind of receipt you might get in a convenience store, remember that gray print on gray paper? That's what I'm talking about here.

Well, there were these aisles off near the wall to the right and the aisles are like those in a video store and instead of movies being in the aisles there are pictures of people, closeup pictures like face shots, they are black and white, in color, some young, some old, some in-between. They are not old photos either, they are modern day photos and the people were smiling in them. We were told to use our receipts wisely. I recall being very careful about where I placed my receipts because I wanted to save the best four people I could and I wanted an "A" in the class. I can't remember exactly which photos I placed my receipts next to but I think there were a couple of young people and a couple of older folks. Then I went back to my desk. I think I got a good grade. Anyway, Hitler took the receipts we placed, crumpled them and threw them in the trash can.

And the entire time I kept thinking "nobody's going to believe this, I'm going to make a fortune."


Because those receipts were dated with the current date but with Adolph Hitler's actual signature, it was a real ink signature that I knew could be proven to be real. And people are going to be fascinated that I had a receipt for something dated with today's date and with Hitler's signature which could only have been done more than sixty years ago. They'd be thinking how in the hell did I get that? And I knew it would be worth money so I went over to the trash can and pulled some of the receipts out.

I can't remember right off hand what happened after that because I don't have my notes with me. But I know that my mother aka "Sma" is going to love analyzing this one. And perhaps Auntie Renee, her best friend from upstate New Yawk, will enjoy analyzing this one too. Goodness knows what the two of them will come up with if they put their heads together.

Ok so let the analyzing of my brain commence...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Overbearing mother or irresponsible daughter?

I was recently emailed a story about a 23-year old gal named Dawn who is a college student at University of Wisconsin-Madison and lives at home because it's cheap and she gets along with mother, step-father and two sisters. She pays her own college tuition, has a job and takes care of her own financial needs, even giving her parents money for her food and her portion of the phone bill. She comes and goes as she pleases and normally lets someone know she'll be out late but one evening she goes out with friends and doesn't come home till the next evening. In the meantime her mother is having a fit and is very upset worried about her daughter. Dawn arrived home but was angry and embarassed that her mother called all over town looking for her, even going so far as to call friends of hers, her friends parents, and others, looking for her.

So, is this the case of an overbearing mother or does the daughter have some responsibility here?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

20 loopholes in the comprehensive immigration reform bill...

Thanks to Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama for bringing these loopholes to light for us. I am going to print out the immigration bill and attempt to decipher it for myself and you. In the meantime, happy reading. By the way you can find the bill by clicking here.

Monday, June 18, 2007

It really sucks...

...when you call your doctor's office for an appointment for what you believe is a pulled muscle but you aren't sure because it stretches from your neck down your left shoulder and back and has hurt for days to the point where you can't even sleep, and the appointment scheduler tells you "the first appointment she has is two weeks from now on Monday"


What good is it going to do me two weeks from now?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Republican loses his spine...

"Talk radio is running America, we have to deal with that problem."

Talk radio is as important a source of information as is newspapers, blogging, and television broadcasting. We must protect it at all costs!!!

On one hand it surprises me that Trent Lott would turn against those who backed him during his most trying moments a few years back but on the other hand, the Republicans in Congress are slowly losing what little vertebrae they had left so I suppose this is just par for the course.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Keep on appointing Mr. President, because the Senate will never confirm...

It sucks that Bush and Gates didn't have the guts to stand by General Pace during what would have certainly been a very lengthy and trying confirmation process. Pace is a good man, a man of honor with an exemplary record. He deserved better.

Read all about it here.

Does Bush really think the Senate will actually confirm the Navy Admiral he just appointed?

Yeah right!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Are your kids little criminals? Now we know why!

Well it's official. We finally have actual proof as to why so many young people are becoming more and more involved in criminal activity.

They weren't enrolled in pre-K.

This story out of Pittsburgh states a non-profit organization did a study showing that pre-K would keep children of uneducated, low-income adults off the streets and out of trouble.

And here I thought all this time good parenting was the way to do it.

This is just another example of the government and taxpayers taking on the responsibility of raising other people's children. Isn't it enough to work hard and try to provide for your own kids but now you have to provide for someone else's kids too?

Our federal, state and local governments pumps billions into programs for children whose parents cannot afford to care for them properly. In the meantime while we try to keep up with the demand, we have a bigger problem and that is the people who are so irresponsible they have these children when they clearly cannot afford them or are unable for other reasons to handle the responsibility.

How are we going to put a stop to that?

I would say that's the responsibility of good parenting but it seems that's not working so well is it?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tax evasion & fraud not just for rich white guys anymore!

No doubt you've heard of the infamous phrases "driving while black", "dying while black", "voting while black" and "walking while black" but now we have a new one..."prosecuted for tax evasion/fraud while black".

I can't remember the last time I heard a story about someone getting busted for tax evasion that didn't involve a wealthy white collar white guy. So I hardly believe that suddenly the feds are targeting Wesley Snipes because of the color of his skin.

According to this story Wesley Snipes is claiming he's the victim of racism and being targeted for prosecution because he's black while two co-defendants are not being charged because they are white. Snipes claims that the co-defendants gave him "unscrupulous tax advice".

The story reads:

The Oct. 17 indictment charges Snipes with fraudulently claiming refunds totaling nearly $12 million in 1996 and 1997 for income taxes already paid. The star of the "Blade" trilogy and other films also was charged with failure to file returns from 1999 through 2004.
The indictment said Snipes conspired with American Rights Litigators' founder Eddie Ray Kahn and tax preparer Douglas P. Rosile Sr. to file false refund claims based on a bogus argument that only income from foreign sources was subject to taxation.

Snipes' motion says he should be counted among 2,000 people who relied on Kahn and Rosile for tax advice, not as one of their co-defendants.

The indictment said Kahn and Rosile, through American Rights Litigators, collected fees of up to 20 percent of refunds from fraudulent tax returns. Rosile's attorney, David Wilson, said Sunday his client never gave Snipes any tax advice.

"Mr. Rosile never met Mr. Snipes," Wilson said.

There are two issues here--first, possible fraud and second, not filing tax returns for five years. If Wesley Snipes is found innocent, good for him. But if he's found guilty of one or both he should receive the appropriate sentence.

In the meantime, there is some good news in this. All the wealthy, tax-evading, corporate white guys out there can breathe a sigh of relief to know the feds haven't been targeting them based solely on the color of their skin.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Celebrity justice isn't blind, just slightly left of center...

Here's a partial list of celebrities who have been arrested (most were charged) but either never served jail time for the crimes listed or were given reduced or alternate sentencing different from what you or I would have received. Feel free to add to it:

Mel Gibson - Drunk Driving
Oksana Bauil - DUI
Charles Barkley - assault
Marv Albert - rape
Andy Dick - possession of controlled substance
Riddick Bowe - threatened family with a knife, forced them into a car
Halle Berry - Hit and Run
Nick Nolte - DUI
Hugh Grant - Solicitation
Carmen Electra, Dennis Rodman - Domestic Violence
Matthew McConaughey - Marijuana possession
Tim Allen - DUI
Macaulay Culkin - Possession of dangerous controlled subsance with no prescription
Kirby Puckett - Assault and false imprisonment
David Faustino - Disorderly intoxication
Gus Van Sant - DUI
Shannon Doherty - DUI
Rip Torn - DUI
Daniel Baldwin - Auto Theft
Trey Anastasio - DUI, Drug possession
Nicole Richie - DUI
Wesley Snipes - Tax evasion
Snoop Dogg - posession of a deadly weapon
Frank Agnello (son of Victoria Gotti) - possession of oxycontin and morphine pills
Naomi Campbell - assault
Paul Reubens - indecent exposure
Boy George - indecent exposure
Brian Bonsall - domestic violence
Jason Patric - publix intoxication, resisting arrest
Lindsey Lohan - DUI
R. Kelley - child porn, sex with a girl underage
George Michael - indecent exposure
Al Pacino - posession of concealed weapon without permit
Bobby Brown - speeding, marijuana, driving without license, assault, parole violation
Ozzy Ozbourne - public intoxication
Russell Crow - assault
Christian Slater - criminal possession of a firearm in JFK airport
Keanu Reeves - DUI
Mickey Rourke - assault
Woody Harrelson - public intoxication, disorderly conduct
Larry King - writing bad checks, stealing $5,000 from business partner
Tonya Harding - hired a man to harm Nancy Kerrigan
Zsa Zsa Gabor - hitting a police officer
Jennifer Capriati - possession of marijuana
Evel Knievel-assault
George Bush - DUI

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Meme Roth adds a whole new definition to the term moron!

No offense meant to my blonde friends out there....but in a moment you'll get my point here!

Click here to see what's wrong with America. Do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing.

Now, after watching that travesty, who would you rather have your kid look up to---a pale, wan and skinny know-nothing judgmental bitch or a simple, decent, hardworking seventeen-year-old girl who has amazing talent she's putting to good use.

Jordin Sparks is an amazing girl with an amazing voice and for Meme Roth to attack her by calling her obese is just wrong. Someone should remind Meme Roth that skinny people die from heart attacks and strokes too!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Would you risk losing your job?

In any place of business you'll likely find office politics, favoritism or some other form of behavior that creates animosity between one or more employees. A person in this position likely asks him or herself the question "do I complain and risk losing my job or do I keep my mouth shut and just remember this job isn't my life and I won't be here forever?"

In a perfect world a person could go to their boss and make a legitimate gripe and something would get done. In a perfect world, the boss wouldn't be a part of the gripe, making it even more difficult to complain about it.

Before you're asking if I'm referring to me, I'll settle that with a resounding "no". I am happy in my job and while there are politics here and there, they take place at a much higher level which excludes me. This is not necessarly about any one person and one situation in particular but I am using one particular person's situation as an example.

Marcus works in a store with about 20 other employees, among them is a lower level manager and the head supervisor. The head supervisor answers to a a higher authority at headquarters. Marcus always on time for work, never overextends his breaks and doesn't call in sick a lot. He does his job and he does it well and all he wants is to be left alone to do it and go home when the day is done. Marcus knows this job isn't the rest of his life, it's a means to an end. His goals are to get a degree in Architecture and he takes night courses at the local college whenever he can. Unfortunately many of Marcus's fellow employees don't have the same work ethic as he does. Some come in late, leave early, they don't do their jobs properly, play computer games when work is backed up. In his area there are about 10 employees and when he's there many of them don't do their jobs, they know he will get the job done. After returning to work from being sick or on vacation, Marcus finds that everything in his area is backed up. He took a five day vacation only to come back and find that all of the orders that needed to be stocked hadn't been done. What have the ten people in his area been doing for a week?

Marcus tries complaining to the low level manager named Rick but Rick doesn't care, he just blows Marcus off and says he doesn't know what he's talking about, that Marcus isn't a supervisor so it's not his business. In the meantime Marcus feels it is his business. Why is he doing all the work? And when he's gone, what are these people doing? Marcus hates when Rick blows him off like that, but it doesn't surprise him. There was a time when Rick was a regular store worker like Marcus and even then he was one of the lazy ones.

Marcus has thrown hints at the head supervisor whose name is Curt but Curt doesn't seem to do anything about it. It's like he's just there waiting for his eventual retirement. Oh Curt's a nice guy but for some reason he just doesn't make people do their jobs. Although to his credit he has leaned on people hard who come in late but that's the extent of it.

Marcus has been told on many occasions that he's just a worker bee and his opinions about what goes on there don't mean anything. They'd prefer he just shut up and do his job and not worry about what other people are doing. But it's hard for Marcus because while he works hard every day, many of his coworkers slack off and earn their pay for doing very little. This isnt' to say they don't ever work, there are times they do, but their slacking has become so often that it's really affecting Marcus's morale. At times he thinks he should just be like them and not do anything and see what happens. But in his mind that would be wrong. Besides, Marcus is the kind of man who doesn't kiss any ass, he doesn't want favors, and because he doesn't kiss up to management, if he slacked off he would be the first one to be chastised. And so he keeps on working and doing the best he can.

Marcus has often thought of going above the head supervisor to his boss at HQ and just complaining but he knows that he can be let go and no reason has to be given. Marcus has a family and they have to keep two incomes flowing in the household. His job pays decent and it has great education and health benefits and he really couldn't find something as good locally. As much as he'd like to say something, his responsibility of working and taking care of his financial obligations takes precedence. Marcus reminds himself every day that the job he works is not his career and he will not be doing it forever. It's just a means to getting what he wants out of life and that's all.

In the meantime Marcus's story has me thinking what the rest of us would do in those circumstances. How on earth do you keep your cool and just let it roll off your back? How do you handle watching others slack off while you carry the load? And how do you handle it when the supervisors just don't seem to do anything about it?

An interesting dilemma indeed.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

At what age... a person FINALLY no longer subject to being reminded to make calls or send cards on birthdays or anniversaries? At what age is it ok for them to just remember on their own?

I was at my grandmother's visiting for an hour or so on Friday when one of the first things she asks is if I called my Auntie Nina, her sister, who I try to keep in touch with as often as I can. I told grams I hadn't had time, when I call someone I like to spend a little time talking to them and lately I haven't had time nor have I had the will to get on the phone and start yappin'. Then I'm reminded that "she's not getting any younger". I am reminded by her again that "we're all she has you know, besides Bill". Aha! There's the clincher, the guilt trip, I knew it was coming. Well I can tell you this, after my grand uncle Virgil, her husband of more than fifty years died from Alzheimers and she remarried a wonderful old guy, she has not been lonely and she has not been sitting by the phone worried about us being all she has! She knows we love her and we get a hold of her when we can.

And then when I said "yes I know we're all she has" my grams adds, "her birthday is June 21st" if I didn't know that. But she knew I knew, she just had to say it anyway!

My next comment was "uh yeah, I know..." What in the hell else can I say? My grams just turned 90 and she's still got to be one up on everyone. Now I know my grandmother does not think we're stupid yet every time a birthday or anniversary comes up she makes a point to remind us. Hell my mother is 60 and grams still reminds HER.

My goodness, how ever will we remember someday when she's gone?

Trust me, the woman will make a point to come back and remind us, that you can be sure of!

Friday, June 01, 2007

I don't like change...

When it comes to my job, I'm a creature of habit so I suppose that has something to do with it. I like working with the same people, I think that the same people working together for a long period of time forms a solid working relationship with good communication and teamwork. Our department definitely has that. And so when the leader of that team decides to step down from his leadership position and assume his former role, it can throw things into a bit of a frenzy and everyone wonders who will be the next leader and what s/he will do.

That said, I will admit that change can be good and one disadvantage of the same group of people working together for long periods of time can result in a lack of movement in a new direction. This doesn't mean the group isn't effective in carrying out the mission, it just means that often it gets too comfortable and it takes new leadership to to come up with fresh ideas and move things in a new direction.

Every team needs good leadership and the ability to work well together. We've had that and I hope it continues with whoever takes the reigns in the months to come.