Friday, June 22, 2007

Sho me da money!

The good news is that my raise came through--this though is a departmental request and not the regular annual increase from the state. Of course you know from a previous post a few weeks ago that the State of Florida decided in all its infinite wisdom that it couldn't afford to give at least its best employees merit increases so we're stuck with a $1,000 bonus which to my dismay comes in a check separate from the paycheck so it is taxed at a higher rate. Last time we got these bonuses I brought home $666. At least both DH and I get these bonuses so I think we're going to put them in our Roth IRA's. The raise I did wind up getting is a 10%. I volunteered to take over some responsibilities of a person who was terminated because the tasks fall into line with some of what I do anyway and it made complete sense for me to incorporate them into my job so.....hey ten percent is better than nothing right?

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