Monday, June 11, 2007

Are your kids little criminals? Now we know why!

Well it's official. We finally have actual proof as to why so many young people are becoming more and more involved in criminal activity.

They weren't enrolled in pre-K.

This story out of Pittsburgh states a non-profit organization did a study showing that pre-K would keep children of uneducated, low-income adults off the streets and out of trouble.

And here I thought all this time good parenting was the way to do it.

This is just another example of the government and taxpayers taking on the responsibility of raising other people's children. Isn't it enough to work hard and try to provide for your own kids but now you have to provide for someone else's kids too?

Our federal, state and local governments pumps billions into programs for children whose parents cannot afford to care for them properly. In the meantime while we try to keep up with the demand, we have a bigger problem and that is the people who are so irresponsible they have these children when they clearly cannot afford them or are unable for other reasons to handle the responsibility.

How are we going to put a stop to that?

I would say that's the responsibility of good parenting but it seems that's not working so well is it?


  1. In my opinion they should have two more studies the first to find out just how many elected officials have there head up there ass and the second study to find out how to remove said head from said ass.But we all know opinions are like assholes everybody has one.

  2. LOL good one pops!