Saturday, June 02, 2007

At what age... a person FINALLY no longer subject to being reminded to make calls or send cards on birthdays or anniversaries? At what age is it ok for them to just remember on their own?

I was at my grandmother's visiting for an hour or so on Friday when one of the first things she asks is if I called my Auntie Nina, her sister, who I try to keep in touch with as often as I can. I told grams I hadn't had time, when I call someone I like to spend a little time talking to them and lately I haven't had time nor have I had the will to get on the phone and start yappin'. Then I'm reminded that "she's not getting any younger". I am reminded by her again that "we're all she has you know, besides Bill". Aha! There's the clincher, the guilt trip, I knew it was coming. Well I can tell you this, after my grand uncle Virgil, her husband of more than fifty years died from Alzheimers and she remarried a wonderful old guy, she has not been lonely and she has not been sitting by the phone worried about us being all she has! She knows we love her and we get a hold of her when we can.

And then when I said "yes I know we're all she has" my grams adds, "her birthday is June 21st" if I didn't know that. But she knew I knew, she just had to say it anyway!

My next comment was "uh yeah, I know..." What in the hell else can I say? My grams just turned 90 and she's still got to be one up on everyone. Now I know my grandmother does not think we're stupid yet every time a birthday or anniversary comes up she makes a point to remind us. Hell my mother is 60 and grams still reminds HER.

My goodness, how ever will we remember someday when she's gone?

Trust me, the woman will make a point to come back and remind us, that you can be sure of!

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  1. She's always been this way, ever since I can remember. I think it's a gene. Yes, I'm 60, and she does the same thing with me, every month of every year. At 90, she's not going to change now.