Friday, June 08, 2007

Celebrity justice isn't blind, just slightly left of center...

Here's a partial list of celebrities who have been arrested (most were charged) but either never served jail time for the crimes listed or were given reduced or alternate sentencing different from what you or I would have received. Feel free to add to it:

Mel Gibson - Drunk Driving
Oksana Bauil - DUI
Charles Barkley - assault
Marv Albert - rape
Andy Dick - possession of controlled substance
Riddick Bowe - threatened family with a knife, forced them into a car
Halle Berry - Hit and Run
Nick Nolte - DUI
Hugh Grant - Solicitation
Carmen Electra, Dennis Rodman - Domestic Violence
Matthew McConaughey - Marijuana possession
Tim Allen - DUI
Macaulay Culkin - Possession of dangerous controlled subsance with no prescription
Kirby Puckett - Assault and false imprisonment
David Faustino - Disorderly intoxication
Gus Van Sant - DUI
Shannon Doherty - DUI
Rip Torn - DUI
Daniel Baldwin - Auto Theft
Trey Anastasio - DUI, Drug possession
Nicole Richie - DUI
Wesley Snipes - Tax evasion
Snoop Dogg - posession of a deadly weapon
Frank Agnello (son of Victoria Gotti) - possession of oxycontin and morphine pills
Naomi Campbell - assault
Paul Reubens - indecent exposure
Boy George - indecent exposure
Brian Bonsall - domestic violence
Jason Patric - publix intoxication, resisting arrest
Lindsey Lohan - DUI
R. Kelley - child porn, sex with a girl underage
George Michael - indecent exposure
Al Pacino - posession of concealed weapon without permit
Bobby Brown - speeding, marijuana, driving without license, assault, parole violation
Ozzy Ozbourne - public intoxication
Russell Crow - assault
Christian Slater - criminal possession of a firearm in JFK airport
Keanu Reeves - DUI
Mickey Rourke - assault
Woody Harrelson - public intoxication, disorderly conduct
Larry King - writing bad checks, stealing $5,000 from business partner
Tonya Harding - hired a man to harm Nancy Kerrigan
Zsa Zsa Gabor - hitting a police officer
Jennifer Capriati - possession of marijuana
Evel Knievel-assault
George Bush - DUI


  1. Good Lord. That's quite a list!

  2. Zsa Zsa spent three days in a paid jail it cost her $85 per day with servents room service the works. And this is a real jail for celeb. Go figure

  3. Honestly surprised there's no murder on there.

    Course they did leave OJ off...didn't he later confess?