Friday, June 29, 2007

Justice for all regardless of status...or lack of it...

I recently read a news story where a local well-known family alleges police tried to enter their home without a search warrant looking for two family members. The family went before the county commission to complain. The Sheriff is looking into the matter and I believe she will get to the bottom of it. If the police were in the wrong, I am sure she will discipline them. In the meantime, people are outraged because the families involved are, according to one source in the story, well-known and respected and "not the kind of folks who should be enduring this kind of interaction with their local law enforcement."

The family involved is famous for their two sons who are former college football stars and currently play professional football, one of which was present when this incident took place.

I have nothing against this family, I don't even know them. My opinion on this matter isn't about them, it is about the use of status by media and others in an effort to portray that a party or parties is deserved of something because of that status.

If the police mistreated this family when visiting their home, there is no doubt the family deserves an apology and the Sheriff needs to dispense the appropriate justice. But this is the same justice I would want for my own family, friends and others I know (and don't know) who are not important, well-known or celebrities in their respective communities, but are law abiding American citizens who have harmed no one. No law abiding person deserves mistreatment by law enforcement or the justice system.

Usually we're all talking about how celebrities and well-known people don't get justice, so it's kind of interesting that I am here talking about the idea that justice shouldn't be solely for those who fit that category.

The bottom line is that we need to take great care to ensure that justice is for all and should have nothing to do with status or lack of it.


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  4. I totally agree with you. Racis mand classism always comes into play and we need to change our mindsets to look way beyond that :)

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