Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Overbearing mother or irresponsible daughter?

I was recently emailed a story about a 23-year old gal named Dawn who is a college student at University of Wisconsin-Madison and lives at home because it's cheap and she gets along with mother, step-father and two sisters. She pays her own college tuition, has a job and takes care of her own financial needs, even giving her parents money for her food and her portion of the phone bill. She comes and goes as she pleases and normally lets someone know she'll be out late but one evening she goes out with friends and doesn't come home till the next evening. In the meantime her mother is having a fit and is very upset worried about her daughter. Dawn arrived home but was angry and embarassed that her mother called all over town looking for her, even going so far as to call friends of hers, her friends parents, and others, looking for her.

So, is this the case of an overbearing mother or does the daughter have some responsibility here?


  1. Anonymous6/20/2007

    Definitely irresponsible daughter. When you suddenly change your schedule you should let someone know. She could have been in an accident or abducted. How was her mother supposed to know? It's not like she said you can't do that. She was just worried. If daughter doesn't like the rules she can just pack her little bags and take care of herself. You can not have it both ways. When you live with someone you owe them a common curtesy.--ST

  2. Guess who6/21/2007

    A simple call to mom would have been appreated im sure. just to let her know she wasn't dead some where. I don't think the mother was prying I think she was worried I know i worry about my girls all the time. Thats called loving them.

  3. gee i know who guess who is!!

  4. Being a Mom of a teen daughter who is just starting to experience some freedoms...I think it was probably a screw up of communication and since the daughter was so responsible all the time, one lapse really worried her parents??? Not that I would have felt that way when I was the daughter...(sheepish grin ;-).