Thursday, June 28, 2007

Proof that the American people are STILL in control!

Well America, your phone calls, emails, and faxes finally paid off. The amnesty bill has been defeated in the Senate! And yes, it is amnesty, I don't care how the President twists the meaning. It's rather humorous--his adamant defense that the bill is not amnesty because the illegals have to pay a fine.

Now first off, the general definition of amnesty is to pardon, exempt from punishment, liberate, and so get the point. In the case of the millions of illegals in this country, a $5,000 fine which is payable over a period of years in exchange for a pardon and a path to US citizenship is hardly a punishment, wouldn't you agree?


  1. It is a great day. My fear is that now the President and congressional leadership will talk about it for two years while ignoring the open faucet on our border and those millions being where they shouldn't. They seem the cowards but even cowards can be dangerous.

    That they might start doing their jobs now is so unlikely.

  2. Loud and proud, baby! It's a pleasant change of pace when those living large in D.C. on our dime actually listen to us and vote accordingly.

    Started my weekend off a little early and a happy note.