Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summertime, Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime...

Many hugs and thanks to the Canadians for holding back our jet stream! It's been a nightmare here with temps in the 100's daily. In fact it was 103 the other day and in the mid 70's at night. I know, I know it's Florida, we should expect it but when I was a kid growing up I don't remember it being this hot. It must be GLOBAL warming. Yes that would explain it uh-huh but what about the glowing GLACIER population in the arctic region? Hmm........yes you take some time to think about that won't you? :)

DH and I were outside on Saturday morning folding up a large tent and bundling poles, we'd used this for the annual graduate barbecue at our house, and we were only out there fifteen minutes and when we were finished we were sweating like pigs. Good thing we had showered prior to going outside eh? And it wasn't even 10 am yet.

I feel sorry for my plants, my azaleas, caladiums, elephant ears, hydrangeas, impatiens, dahlias, gardenias, india hawthorn and all the other things we have growing because they need water and there isn't enough. We get weekly rain but the heavy rain is few and far between, we need more. When we water it's usually every few days and in the evening or early morning if it's a weekend day. We have mulched everything so that really helps. But still you can see a few wilt at times from the heat. They come back when watered and when it cools but still you hate to see them get that way.

Speaking of impatiens, here's one of the two we have hanging on the side porch:

We've had good luck this year planting and pruning and let me tell you neither of us has the green thumb. I took the pruning shears to the azaleas which were planted in front of the house and growing haywire and I chopped 'em down to 6 inches. Now they are so full and green I can't believe the change! I have taken photos and once they are developed (yes developed, we still do things the old fashioned way!), I will post them.

Since I'm posting pics, below are some pics of the front, sides and back, we have more grass now and the gardenias (seen to the right of the white birdbath in the picture above), are growing nicely now. These photos were taken a few months ago before everything we planted began blooming and yes in one of those photos next to the white bird bath that is a kitty litter box with water in it! The crows love to take baths and they needed something deep and so I improvised!

Thank goodness for all the shade we have, it really cuts down on the electricity consumption. The house is in shade for 3/4 of the day which is really nice during seasons like this. It's one of the reasons I love this place, so many trees, so green, so many birds, deer and other little critters...the place is all woods. It's nice too, very quiet, and lots of deer. The deer love to come right out of the woods and graze in the open areas.

I tell ya, we have the best of both worlds, You see we live in the peaceful serene country with wild animals and we are just off a grated road leading to a paved county road. It's not a busy highway, we hear cars occasionally because the sound travels way out there. But we're only 45 minutes from work which makes it really convenient. I'd love to buy this place eventually and then build a house, we've talked seriously about it but we don't know where we'll be. Where will DH's future welding career take us? Where will my profession after my degree(s) lead me? For now this place is nice, 1500 roomy square feet, 3 BR, 2 BA, a HUGE kitchen and damn near as much cabinetry, countertop and storage space as a woman could want, a large front deck, a covered sideporch, a pole barn for DH to work, and a smaller workroom/tool shed for smaller projects and for storing his equipment. For now we have this comfy place and it's only 7 years old, it's got quite a few years left on it so we have time to build a house. Anyway we love our place in the country and maybe next year when the lease for year #2 is up, LL will be interested in selling it to us. He's expressed interest already saying that when we're ready to move then he'd sell but he told us from the beginning that he'd give us an opportunity if we were interested. We know what he paid and if it's close to that, it'll be a great deal.

Anyway, like I said, it's hot, damn hot, bring on the winter, I mean arctic winds, glaciers in the front yard, the whole thing....I won't be complaining!


  1. I love the place. Trees everywhere, surely there are two suitable for a hammock. Even if not, enough to choose a different one to lean against and do what I do best.
    Don't ask, it's nothing.

    If only the future could be known, as far as jobs. Even so, land is not a bad investment.
    I wonder how the heat has affected the bug population? More mosquitos or less?

  2. More than two suitable that's for sure and once it cools down we'll be setting it up! Land is a great investment, we're being smart about paying off some things and then next year we'll be good to go.

    There are more bugs than ever when it rains but not when it's dry. As soon as I water my plants, the mosquitoes find me, but without the water they're nowhere to be found, which is, of course alright with me. But bugs do have their place in the ecosystem....

  3. Anonymous7/12/2007

    It's beautiful, Jess. Actually, I remember every summer as a kid being this hot. Oftentimes it seemed hotter. It's definitely time to head for the springs.--ST

  4. The homestead looks beautiful, I'm so proud of both of you. You work all the time and still make time to keep up with the gardening.

    Yes, I'm also waiting for winter, too bad we can't just bypass hurricane season alltogether.