Friday, July 13, 2007

Another excellent use of Florida taxpayer dollars!

A department within a state agency was at risk of losing their storage room (about 20x20 roughly) to another department for their storage so in order to keep this from happening, a requisition was made to convert said storage room into an office at a cost of nearly $30,000 to the taxpayers. The office which is located in this department's warehouse, was to be air conditioned and house two individuals who work in the department whose job responsibilities do not even warrant an office (rather it just puts a couple of guys who spend much of their time screwing around in their own private office doing it).

Well after the room is all finished and nearly $30,000 has been squandered---I mean uh--spent, it turns out that some dipshit forgot to spec out the electrical, computer and telecommunications wiring in the office. And so now the office can't be used because there's no money to finish it-remember Florida's in a severe budget crisis--or so they say.

I know what you're thinking. I know, I know and when I was told about it I damn near spewed my Publix low-fat pineapple yogurt all over my computer screen.


  1. Anonymous7/13/2007

    You are like my own private watch dog group. Now we need to mobilize. Everyone knows this crap is ridiculous. Somehow, someway there has got to be a way to bring it to an end!!!!

    I'm beginning to see your final career as a talk radio host. I'd listen. I'd also watch a handy little web cam for the yogurt spewing episodes.--ST

  2. I hate it when that happens!

    Just so they didn't forget anything important. Gah.

  3. OMG I can't believe this...yes I can, I worked for them myself, I remember the morons who run that place.

    All that money just to take the storeroom away from the other dept??? How damn petty can you get?

    And to do this while there is such a "severe budget crisis", shame on them. Why is it that there's only a severe budget crisis when it comes to giving the employees a raise??

    Hey, when you have your talk show, can I work the camera??

  4. You sure you don't mean Pennsylvania?

  5. Anonymous7/13/2007

    ROFL...what else can I do? This is so typical of our environment. Just goes to show that all those PhDs don't actually equate to "smart". The budget crisis means nothing to idiots who can authorize stupidity for the sake of their egos.

    You know, Jess, I have a friend whose wife is a talk show host. Maybe we can get you a guest spot once a month. I like the idea of the web cam for the pineapple yogurt spewing. Could become a trademark. Think about that! ~RQ

  6. Anonymous7/13/2007

    We could sell T-shirts!!! ~ RQ

  7. OMG you're killing me guys!

    RQ--you want me to spew yogurt on live webcam??!!

    Mom-yes you can run the camera, I love the background "vocals" in the video you sent me of the big town of Be--.

    Susan-what else could I do but spew--it was so spew-worthy!

    Paul-LOL sounds so similar doesn't it?

  8. Anonymous7/15/2007

    After living in Pennsylvania for 27 years, and living in Florida for just a measely six years, and having relatives who work for both states - I can see many similarities. And of course, bullsh*t is involved in both