Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cracking down on hate crime gone too far again...

According to this New York Newsday story, 23-year old Stanislav Shmulevich was arrested for throwing a Koran in the toilet at Pace University. And because of past offenses to Muslims, the University is offering "sensitivity training" to its students.

Think about this:

You can destroy a Bible in America and it's called free speech.

You can cover a statue of the Virgin Mary with feces and urine and display as art and it's called free speech.

You can burn a cross and it's called free speech.

You can march and demonstrate in favor of neo-nazism and it's called free speech.

You can march and demonstrate against our government and it's called free speech.

You can burn literary works of art and it's called free speech.

You can destroy an American flag in America and it's called free speech. can't destroy a Koran in America because it's considered offensive and hate speech.

Like the other acts aren't offensive or hateful to some group in America? WTF country am I living in? It's either all or nothing? Either you can or you can't, but you can't have both.

Newsday reports Muslims believe the Koran is the direct word of God and "treatment of the Quran is a sensitive issue for Muslims, who view the book as a sacred object and mistreating it as an offense against God."

So friggin what?

This is America and if some idiot wants to desecrate a religious book or icon, they are free to do it so long as they are not infringing on the civil rights of another person. At least that's the way it's supposed to be.

Some people would say that free speech ends at the point where it infringes upon the rights of another human being. And so you have to ask yourself:

Is throwing a Koran in the toilet an act of infringing upon the constitutional or civil rights of any person?

The answer is a resounding no!

All I can say is right now NY sucks!


  1. Anonymous7/30/2007

    You know Christians believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and his revelation directly to us. So where are the same people to scream when a Bible is desecrated. Also you may note Christians don't want to kill people who desecrate Bibles. We pray for them.

    Most people in America look at these situations and say that is assinine! So why are a few "elites" pushing this crap down the throats of the rest of us?--ST


    I and other members of our diverse community wish to denounce in the strongest possible terms the current craze for flushing the Koran down the toilet, as started by a certain Mr Stanislav Shmulevich [see ]

    These Islamophobes think they are making a political or religious statement in sending this book into the sewers, but do they realise just what harm they're doing? Where do they think these soggy, smelly Korans go to? They don't just harmlessly dissappear, I can tell you!

    I am a member of a diverse community of single celled organisms who work in the activitated sludge at a sewage treatment plant. Our community is composed of bacteria, amoebae, Spirotrichs, Peritrichs, Vorticellids etc who were all working happily side by side to process human wastes and render them harmless, until all this Koran-flushing business started.

    Between us, we microbes can biodegrade any normal pee or poo. But these Korans have got us beat. They are toxic supershiite. We've never seen crap like it, not even the stuff that comes out of the toilets in government offices.

    What's worse is the danger of the development of militant cells. As you are no doubt all aware, if the Koran comes into contact with certain low and primitive life-forms it can turn them into virulent killers. I'm afraid this could happen to some members of our previously well-integrated microbial community. I and my fellow protozoans have got more sense than to be affected by this crap, but some of the previously harmless bacteria could turn pathogenic and escape from the sewage treatment plant to cause havoc. That's why flushing the koran is such a serious hate-crime.

    So next time you're tempted to wipe your botty on Sura 5:33, spare a thought for all of us at the other end of the sewer. There are alternative environmentally acceptable ways to dispose of unwanted korans. Have you thought of using the pages as beer-mats, or as kitchen towels to absorb the excess fat from your fried bacon?

    A. Meba