Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dish Network still can't get it right...

Some time ago I wrote a few pieces about Dish Network and what a piece of shit company they are. In the past 6 months since we cancelled service with them we have had no less than a half dozen phone calls asking for our business back. Each time we give a resounding no.

In a nutshell their customer service sucked and every time we called they kept insisting we had a contract that we of course knew never existed. First thing we were told every time we called was "you have a contract and if you cancel you owe us______". They kept getting our bills wrong too. We got so pissed off we finally cancelled, returned the equipment and chucked what was left. F*ck Dish Network.

So color me stupid when today they called again and I bit...well almost. They almost sold us on the no installation charge, no service charge, no contract, and $10 off every month for a year. We figured maybe they really wanted to make up for the shitty service the first time. So after discussing it DH and I thought we might go for it. Well I give the guy my credit card number so he can have it on file because as the guy says "in case you don't return the equipment should you ever cancel" and then when he tried to put me in the system but it blocked him!

Apparently....and those of you who know well about my last Dish Network saga, the system showed that we could not get service with them because......according to their records, LAST TIME WE WERE WITH THEM WE BROKE OUR CONTRACT!!!!

I shouted "are you f*cking kidding me?"

and then because it just sounded so good I again exclaimed "are you f*cking kidding me?"

I wish I could say I was surprised but I'm not. Dish Network sucks. Their customer service sucks, their management sucks, their whole f*cking operation sucks.

The funny thing is that I have a letter here dated March 9, 2007 from Gerri Santistevan, Dispute Resolution Specialist, (720-514-7292 or Geraldine.santistevn@echostar.com) wrote to the Florida Attorney General's office and cc'd me in response to my official complaint against them. In the letter she states:

"We take our customer service seriously and strive to be the best in our industry. Our customers are very important to us and we sincerely apologize for the service she received."

Yeah right! Ms. Santistevan, save the bullshit for some poor schmuck who actually believes it, because I don't.


  1. They are all the same... lets start our own!

  2. Anonymous7/18/2007

    That is sooo funny. I think the Lord was looking out for you in a moment of weakness. You would not want the grief that would ensue if you re"contracted" with them.--ST

  3. Thank God for small favors - he booted you out of their system - an omen for sure.

    Thing is, if you can't get cable, and the antenna doesn't do it, what choice have you? And I heard Direct TV is as bad or worse.
    Between a rock and a hard place and they know it. I hope something good works out.

  4. Sorry, anonymous. I wasn't trying to copy. When I typed this, only Kate was visible, then after publishing, there you were between...

  5. Anonymous7/19/2007

    Paul is a hermit, (love that name), great minds think a like.--ST

  6. Dad and I had a few problems, mostly with the bills, but since he last called them and threatened to end our subscription, they offered him 6 months of Showtime and another program at no charge.
    So we can't argue about that. Of course, whenever a cloud rolls over, the screen goes blank, but what's a person to do?

  7. Anonymous9/11/2009

    Yep they suck - we are dealing with ms Gerri Santistevn ourselves - what a painful woman. Man does she ever not like to be wrong. I am not backing down and she hates it!