Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Government at its best...

Dear incompetent employees of federal government agencies,


Just one more pissed off American.

Ahh, I feel better now. And since that's out of the way, I oughta at least share with you the whole reason behind the above rant. Read this for yet another glimpse of where our hard-earned tax dollars are going!


  1. Anonymous7/12/2007

    It takes longer to sign up for and recieve Social Security!--ST

  2. We're Doomed. I hate that it appears I'm trying to be funny. I'm not.
    There are holes all through our bureaucracy no matter how many dedicated people working. Their real work is eroded by duties having little to do with the purpose they were hired. And sadly, some could care less.

    But in a field where killing thousands of Americans is an easy possibility...they deserve this award. Deserve to be fired. Bet they won't.