Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"I'll never eat a tangerine again."


Lunacy rears its ugly head once again!

Elizabeth Edwards has decided that eating fruits and vegetables which are transported and not grown locally causes a carbon footprint. She vowes only to eat locally grown fruits and veggies from now on and says since tangerines don't grow in North Carolina she'll have to give them up.

Ok eating locally grown fruits and veggies is fine but really now--perhaps her wig is too tight but doesn't she realize there are fossil fuels involved in the planting and production and local transportation of those fruits and vegetables? Tractors use fuel, people who work on the farms have cars which require fuel, the food has to be transported to market in vehicles using fuel.

These people are killing me!!!

The hell with tangerines, what Elizabeth Edwards should be eating is brain food!


  1. think of the carbon foot print she'll leave when she gets scurvey from lack of vitamin c and has to be air lifted to a top rate medical facility!

  2. Anonymous7/25/2007

    Maybe she can use her considerable wealth and fly to where she can get a fresh tangerine right off the tree.

    If she is so worried about her carbon footprint, maybe the Edwards family should give up flying. They could do a bicycling campaign tour.

  3. I know where I'd like to put my carbon footprint.