Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm sure their parents would be proud...

What kind of idiot crosses a street and doesn't look to see if there are cars headed towards them?

It's something basic learned before a youngster even starts the first day of kindergarten. When you cross the street, you look left, right, then left again. In this town I look left, right, left, right, left, right and then left again because you see, we have dumbass drivers and pedestrians and bicyclists who don't know the meaning of the word caution. I once hit a dumbass on a bike because she wasn't paying attention yet I got the ticket. Me? I did my turn, I had looked left and right so many times my neck hurt! Of course it rarely matters if a biker/pedestrian just runs right out in front of you, if you hit them, you get the ticket.

Every morning when I pull into the parking lot near my building at work, there's at least two or three dumbass students who are walking across the street and NOT EVEN LOOKING to see there's a car coming towards them. Usually the students are on their cell phones or have their I-Pod and headphones glued to their ears. And they walk so damn slow, they stroll, like they have nothing better to do. And I wait, I'm on their heels hoping they'll smell the evil carbon or hear the evil 4-cylinder of my non-hybrid car. Nope, it doesn't phase them, they never even notice. The same thing happens when I get in my car to depart the lovely workplace at the end of the day only this time there's MORE of these twits. And in the afternoons it's much worse because there's more of them. It seems once a person goes to college they seem to forget the rules of the road. They think they are invincible. Yeah so did the girl on the bike that I hit many years ago. Oh she was alright, no damage to her, just her bike. When I called up ready to make an appointment to have it fixed I found out from her roommate that her parents had pulled her out of school and shipped her back home with them to attend school locally because she'd biked out into the middle of a busy intersection and gotten herself hit again. I heard she was a little dinged up but fine.

Do you think she learned that time?

It amazes me how some of these people got into college in the first place!

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