Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's Schiavo vs. Kevorkian now...

Terri Schiavo's brother is spearheading a petition to force UF to reverse its decision to invite Dr. Jack Kevorkian to speak at UF on the topic of euthenasia. Dr. Kevorkian was invited by ACCENT--the Student-run speakers bureau managed by Student Government and funded by student fees. Besides, what in hell business does Schiavo have trying to tell UF student government what they can and can't do? He's not a student at UF, he doesn't pay fees here, he's not affiliated, so he shouldn't even be telling them what they should or shouldn't do. ACCENT often invites controversial speakers to the campus, Kevorkian is no different.

Schiavo thinks Kevorkian is sending the wrong message to young people. What Schiavo forgets is that these are college students on a college campus where diversity in thoughts, ideas, and opinions is promoted and is necessary in this type of environment. It is important for these students to have access to a wide variety of speakers with varying viewpoints. That's one of the things which makes higher education so great.

But Schiavo doesn't care, he wants Kevorkian silenced. Why? Because he disagrees with him.

Once again we have another person who, in order to further their own personal cause (regardless of how noble that cause may be), believes that free speech is limited to acceptable and non-controversial speech.


  1. Anonymous7/19/2007

    I totally understand you point of view and I know you give a lot of careful thought to what you believe. I also believe in free speech. That's why all these anti-war, anti-Americans can say all the things they do, but I feel Kevorkian is a totally different story. In my opinion, he is nothing more than a murder. It is like inviting Ted Bundy to speak. Yes, he has the freedom to do so, but does that mean we should?

    As you know I come at this from a unique perspective because of Paige. I know you love her dearly and will understand my view point here as well. My heart just broke for the Schiavo family. Paige and Teri were in very similar conditions. I can't even imagine someone removing Paige's feeding tube and me having to stand by and watch her starve to death. I sincerely believe they would have to kill me first.

    Honestly, I know where people are coming from when they say, "I don't want to live like that." But I feel that when our body and mind gets to that stand our understanding changes. One might say, but the people Kevorkian has killed wanted to die. I say they were capable of doing it themselves. He just made it extremely easy. If I were that bad off and wanted to die, I wouldn't need Kevorkain to do it for me. He is a very sick man.

    Love ya,

  2. Schiavo, or many college professors, need only reverse the names and find himself banned because of his views by part of the student body or anyone else.

    I believe deciding for another when they should die, apart from convicts, is not right.
    I also believe I have the right to die if I wish and should have access to the means allowing that in as much dignity as possible. As opposed to the stigma on a family a gun shot or bridge leaping brings, if not a Kevorkian, then his machine.

    Is there ever death with dignity beside natural? I think so. For when I choose the time, I think that is natural. My reasons would be known then too or at least, more likely to be known.

    For me, lingering of a terminal disease and draining my familiy's resources, leaving them, the living, in poverty is anathema. I also know that at that last instant, no one wants to die but I accept there is a time that I will. I want the option to choose when.
    But, I do not think it should be the course for anyone else. Each of us must decide on life.

    Is there a way to leave and not have the family suffer? I think not.
    I was extremely pro-Terri. I hate her husband, if he can be called that and he can't, and always will. Her death was barbaric.