Friday, July 06, 2007

Not to take anything away from the little tykes but... addition to Kindergarten graduation we now have Pre-K graduation!

Are you kidding me?

I thought it was bad that many schools actually hold a kindergarten graduation but now Pre-K? I saw online a picture of someone's son who just graduated from Pre-K (and there was a prom afterwards but please don't get me started on that!) and I thought it strange that four year olds graduating from Pre-K are now considered serious accomplishments. Now, I don't want to take away from the accomplishments of children but let's face it, how difficult can Pre-K and Kindergarten really be?

Let's see---learning ABC's, learning to work and play well with others, learning to count to ten, naptime (do they have naptime anymore?) How difficult can it be?

I didn't "graduate" from anything till I graduated from high school. Then I graduated from boot camp. Next will be graduating from college with the undergrad and then the graduate degree.

Now that's a graduation. Pre-K and Kindergarten are not major accomplishments, at least not in my eyes and putting these kids in caps and gowns, handing them diplomas, giving them a prom, and making a big fuss is setting them up for expecting kudos every time they do something simple in life. It's likely their next graduation will be from elementary school which is what--5th grade? Then middle school which is 8th grade, if they even do graduations in middle school, and then in high school at 12th grade. So between the ages of 4 and 17 the kid's going to have anywhere from 3-5 graduations.

Graduating from high school is a major accomplishment, especially in today's world. Graduating from military training or college is a major accomplishment.

Graduating from pre-K and Kindergarten is not. Unless you can prove to me the rigors of Pre-K and Kindergarten I'm not buying it.

What this is you see is a way to make all the little children feel good. It's no different from schools who give no grades and sports teams who play for no points, it's all about everyone being equal and feeling good.


Life is tough. Coddling these kids at such a young age is going to make them weenies. When they enter the real world they will be faced with decisions they are unable to make and situations they are unable to handle. I'm not saying be mean to your kids, no way, but I am saying that we need to let kids be kids. We need to let boys be boys, they fidget, they get curious, they're anxious. We need to let kids play, get dirty, fall down and scrape their knees, and we need to not be throwing them in school at age 4 to "prepare" for Kindergarten. And we need to applaud them for a job well done, but we need to scrap the graduation bull.

Save the graduation for the real tough accomplishments.

Ok I'm awaiting the nasty comments...


  1. Anonymous7/06/2007

    That is very insightful for someone without kids. You would make a great mom. What's next kindergarten class reunions? Who does the planning?

    I'm not sure on the middle school graduation, but I know for a fact Bell has an eighth grade prom now. They certainly didn't when we were there. Let's get together a class action law suit.--ST

  2. Brilliant expose of the ridiculous.

    It's as bad as, well maybe it's worse than, the explosion of the use of the word, hero. Diluting it to the commonplace doing one's job.

    I wonder where the idea of Pre-K graduation began and how it possibly could have spread. People's sanity may very well have been affected by the environment. Or the moon. The empirical proof the left looks for may be right in front of their faces.

  3. A Pro-K prom?????? Oh please..

  4. Oops, I got so upset I spelled it wrong!!