Thursday, July 12, 2007

You see, this is the idiocy of America...

Banning is always the easiest solution isn't it? Because it requires no work or effort on the part of the regulating authority.

This article is ridiculous.

The environmentalists want to ban bottled water because they say it's not good for the environment. San Francisco has banned purchasing bottled water and Ann Arbor Michigan will no longer offer it at city sponsored events. Even some California restaurants are beginning to voluntarily ban the use of bottled water as well. The water is being banned for two reasons....too much plastic (made from oil) and too much fuel (made from oil) to transport all those filled bottles. (We're also being told that tap water is just as good, but if you've had tap water in any major city lately, chances are it tastes like crap)
“For us, it’s about doing the right thing,” said Michael Kossa-Rienzi, general manager of Chez Panisse, a restaurant in Berkeley, California.

Yeah uh-huh, that's interesting considering that Mr. Kossa-Rienzi's restaurant still imports wine from Europe, wine which is uh---in bottles (the old evil) and much heavier, thereby contributing to the use of more fuel. Dumbass! In fact, everything in that restaurant was likely imported from somewhere, requiring the use of fuel. And I am sure there's plenty of plastic in other places in that restaurant.

Why stop at water bottles? Why not just ban everything made from plastic? Think about the costs to transport every single thing from China that is made from plastic? Toys, computer parts, furniture, you name it--it's likely got some plastic in it. Hell, our environmentalists could put the Chinese government out of business overnight and our environment would be clean and fresh.
Hmm....a two-fer!

I seem to recall in the 70's when we were warned of the evils of glass. Plastic became popular and millions of containers converted to plastic. I recall the commercial where the little kid knocks over the two-liter pepsi and it doesn't crash and break on the floor, instead, it bounced! Plastic was wonderful. Plastic was great! Plastic was the big craze and we were ALL encouraged to buy plastic. Glass was the evil enemy!

And now plastic is the new evil. Go figure. It's always something with these people.

The fact is that 100 percent of plastic water bottles are recyclable. Maybe instead of spending their valuable time telling us what we can and can't drink from, cities should best be using that time to implement mandatory recycling programs which are guaranteed to benefit all of us in a multitude of ways.

This is too funny. I'm looking around my house at dozens of things made from plastic. The in-boxes on my desk, my computer monitor, the damn CPU that houses my hard drive, my binders for school, the dials on my television, my clock radio, the bookcovers on my books, the kitty litter boxes, the dishsoap containers, laundry baskets, the list goes on and on.
They are all either entirely made from or contain some of that dastardly plastic.

If they're going to start banning water bottles, they better start banning every friggin' thing made from plastic. If not they just need to shut the hell up! First they shrink our automobiles to midget size, then they start telling us how many damn squares of toilet paper it should take to wipe our asses, and now this?

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  1. Anonymous7/13/2007

    ROFL! You have a way with words like no one I have ever met before. And when you are right, YOU ARE RIGHT!--ST