Friday, August 31, 2007

We're all just ONE broken law away from prison...

Oh sure we are! We all are.

Anyway, did this Senator from Idaho actually touch his foot to the person in the stall next to him?

Did he reach under the stall?

You and I will likely never know but what bothers me here is arresting someone for a crime not yet committed. I am greatly concerned for the trend in America of arresting for crimes not committed. A person is arrested for certain behavior thought to be criminal. It doesn't mean I defend what goes on in those bathrooms, on the internet and everywhere else where people are doing deviant things, BUT....I just find it difficult to accept arresting someone for something they MIGHT do.

That is very dangerous.

There are times I consider it entrapment. When an undercover police officer makes the first move, I call it entrapment.

I don't know yet if this case could be considered entrapment but we'll find out. In the meantime I wish he'd shut up about not being gay. Big deal, he's so adamant about not being gay, frankly what's wrong with being gay? I'd be more concerned about our elected officials seeking out favors in a public restroom with strangers more than I'd be concerned about them being gay.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's not often I say things like this...

I talked to RedQueen tonight about some things that were going on in the life of someone I care about. I needed to talk to a friend, a close friend, a girlfriend who is part of our family, and that's RQ. She reassured me that my decision last year to stop trying to be a controlling influence in the lives of people I care about was ok. I am not a controlling person by nature, I just felt at one time I couldn't be happy unless the lives of the people I love were happy too.

I was wrong.

I know I have NO control over anyone's life but my own. Everyone makes choices--that's their right. I might have an opinion about some of these choices but I am not going to take any action to do anything about it, nor worry about it myself.

And so here goes my the way thanks RQ for listening and reassuring me that I did the right thing when I decided to let people make their own decisions and run their own lives.

"Go ahead....complain about the crap in your life, about being used and tossed aside like yesterday's news and then when you keep digging yourself deeper and indulging in destructive and downright dangerous behavior, the people who care about you the most, the ones who have ALWAYS been there for you, get the third degree for caring about you. All this while you bend over backwards for the f*cked up psycho who treats you like shit.

What's worse is when the loved one you confide in reacts with as little as a simple "sigh"while they listen to you talk about the future possibility of having the nutjob back in your life someday, said loved one is chastised for being judgmental.

Judgmental-no, opinionated on the issue-yes!

How can someone who cares about you not be in awe at your blatant leap into self-destruction with both eyes WIDE OPEN! Sorry but I don't have it in me to say "oh that's awesome, I think it's great you want to get involved with a psycho bitch again, I'm so happy for you".

It's hard to watch this self-destructive behavior. And what else sucks is that nobody who actually cares about you is allowed to give you any opinion or insight that you don't agree with because God forbid, it might upset you!!!! Nobody's allowed to say anything that might rub you the wrong way. Everybody's always gotta be careful. You're always having a shitty day, always in a bitchy mood and everyone's gotta walk on eggshells so you don't get upset. All they want is to be close to you, love you and be there for you.

All they want is to see you happy.

They wouldn't throw you out of the house.
They wouldn't pull a knife on you.
They wouldn't call the police on you.
They wouldn't treat you like shit.
They wouldn't lie to you.
They wouldn't use you.
They wouldn't shit on you.
They wouldn't hit you or yell at you.
They wouldn't say mean things to you.

It's amazing. Instead of seeking companionship from the people who actually care about you, you'd rather seek it from a psychotic, verbally, emotionally and physically abusive, knife-wielding nut case. God I wish the psycho was reading this, I'd tell her what a f*cking lowlife piece of human excrement and waste of space she really is. She ruined you. She used you, she shit on you, she hurt you. And that pisses me off. It's a real shame she hasn't had her sorry ass thrown in jail for something by now. She deserves it.

You're a truly wonderful person but I don't think you see it. I don't think you ever have. And the only way you will is to look in the mirror and tell yourself, and to surround yourself with people who lift you up and add something positive to your life. Dump the people who don't mean shit to you, the people who abuse you, the people who treat you like shit, starting with psycho bitch. Maybe someday you will. But as long as you are near the psycho you won't. She will drag you down into the bottomless pit of pathetic despair that she lives in. May you have the courage to find your strength and may you have the strength to find your courage...

Yes I know you care about her, but I don't. And the beauty of this blog is that it gives me the chance to say these things. I won't apologize either, I mean every word of it."

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And we wonder why the Border Patrol isn't as effective as it could be?

The Border Patrol core values:

Vigilance is how we ensure the safety of all Americans. We are continuously atchful and alert to deter, detect and prevent threats to our Nation. We demonstrate courage and valor in the protection of our Nation.

Service to Country is embodied in the work we do. We are dedicated to defending and upholding the Constitution of the United States. The American people have entrusted us to protect the homeland and defend liberty.

Integrity is our cornerstone. We are guided by the highest ethical and moral principles. Our actions bring honor to ourselves and our agency.

The Border Patrol mission:

We are the guardians of our Nation's borders. We are America's frontline. We safeguard the American homeland at and beyond our borders. We protect the American public against terrorists and the instruments of terror. We steadfastly enforce the laws of the United States while fostering our Nation's economic security through lawful international trade and travel. We serve the American public with vigilance, integrity and professionalism.

US Border Patrol Sector Chief Carlos Carrillo believes differently:

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Border Patrol's job is not to stop illegal immigrants. The Border Patrol's job is not to stop narcotics … or contraband or narcotics … the Border Patrol's mission is not to stop criminals. The Border Patrol's mission is to stop terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the country."

Perhaps Carrillo should tell that to the families of the many Border Patrol officers who have lost their lives on the job, a job in which the responsibilities included preventing illegals from crossing the border! Perhaps Carrillo should tell that to the thousands of Americans who have been victims of crime perpetrated by aliens who have crossed the borders illegally and individuals whose jobs, schools, healthcare and neighborhoods have been lost to the overwhelming influx of aliens who have illegally crossed our borders.

When a person in a position of power in a government agency such as this man, has views which clearly conflict with the requirements of his position and the mission of his agency (which clearly involve upholding the Constitution of the United States), then perhaps he should be looking for a new line of work.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another cartoon deemed offensive to Muslims...

Several newspapers around the country refused to run this Opus cartoon because they deemed it insensitive to Muslims.


Fixing a fence could get ya jail time!

You just never know what you're going to read in the morning paper do ya?

This story
out of Torrance, California takes the cake my friends.

Three years ago, 51-year old Francisco Linares decided to repair a run-down termite-infested fence on the front of his property. He called city officials for information on who should fix it and he was told it was his responsibility.

And so he fixed it. He didn't move it, he just repaired it.

Then the city changed its mind insisting that he built a new fence on city property and ordered him to remove it--and other structures on his property.

That was just the beginning of this nightmare. I bet now he wished he hadn't even touched the damn thing.

Read the story I linked to above for more on this. The city filed misdemeanor charges and Linares is now facing jailtime for not complying with the city's dumbass regulations--regulations I might add which seem to be inconsistently enforced.

From the article:

"In October 2004, the city charged Linares with three misdemeanors: for not taking down the fence, having a retaining wall built higher than a 2-foot restriction and for erecting stone columns without a neighborhood compatibility analysis. Later inspections found eight other violations, including a lack of permits for plumbing and grading.

"He's had a couple of years to correct the problems," said Dean Pucci, a Fullerton attorney contracted as the city's prosecutor. "His options were to obtain final permits or remove all of these structures built without permits."

I suppose there's not much real crime going on in Torrance California these days eh?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Another beauty queen dazzles us with her intellect...

Recently during the Miss Teen USA skills competition, Miss Teen South Carolina, 17-year old Lauren Caitlin Upton was asked why one-fifth of Americans can't find the USA on a map:

"I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our nation don't have maps and uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as in South Africa, and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should, uh, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., or should help South Africa, it should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future, for our children."
Ok she didn't win but she did place 4th runner-up. Must have been that dynamite answer! Am I being harsh? No. I don't think so, Miss Upton is a classic example of the dumbing down of children in America's schools. I mean come on, where's the common sense here? And it's not bad enough this girl is clueless but how on earth does she manage to tie that question in with Iraq and South Africa? Someone must have assured her that if the issue related to education was brought up, all she'd have to do is smile and throw in the buzz words "Iraq" "Africa" and "Asia" in-between some filler nonsense and it would make her sound intelligent.

Just Miss Teen USA pageant....tomorrow.....politics.

I think her parents should definitely stick to pushing her beauty because I seriously doubt she'll get very far in the brains department.

Anger Management...

I highly recommend this movie! We LOVED it. It was hysterical!

The "husky cat" in the red hooded jacket was too much--reminded me of "ET" when they dressed him up!

If you saw the movie you remember Jack Nicholson's analogy using the angry asshole customer and the quiet cashier who eventually shoots him...

Guess which one I am?

He he he...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The end of a good week...

I got a lot done at work last week, I was very productive and felt great. It seemed I got a lot done, our students were happy, all was well. It was a near-perfect week which ended with a short Friday workday and a visit to the home of my favorite former professor and mentor Diana. She is now retired from teaching college English and spends her days at home with her husband, children and grandchildren and of course, partaking in her favorite cause which is being a voice for the disabled. We spent a few hours talking about school and careers and our lives, it was a wonderful time. Diana and I call each other as much as we can and we write letters---real handwritten letters which seem to be a thing of the past for most people, but we enjoy writing them. In the letters we get to share things more personally as there are times email seems so cold at times for more personal matters.

My visits with Diana by phone, letter, email or in person always inspire me. We spend our time talking about life, what she's done with hers and what I plan to do with mine. She's constantly reminding me of what an intelligent, wise and wonderful person I am. Yes, in my modesty and my inability to appreciate and accept my good qualities, I usually forget those things. Diana, like my parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, coworkers and others, reminds me of myself as often as she can. I respect her and look up to her as I do my own parents and others who have done their time and now hand this country over to us, the next generation, in the hopes we can do a slightly better job than they did. It isn't as if they didn't try it's just that every generation hopes the next one can get a little bit more accomplished during their run.

Anyway, it was a nice visit, gave me something to think about for the weekend. It's funny, after that conversation I wind up reading this chapter in my text about self-esteem and self confidence and how difficult it is for some people to believe the good things people say about them. We never see ourselves as others see us. We can be our own worst critics, I know for me that is true. I have a hard time with compliments, with believing that I am the person others say I am.

The thing is that I have more confidence today than I did yesterday, the day before, and the day before that so I do know I'm getting somewhere. It's just a long slow journey that with patience and perseverance will end with me in a good place, which is all I suppose any of us really want, isn't it?

Friday, August 24, 2007

"She was really treated like any other inmate"

...that great quote was from Shawn Chapman Holley, the attorney for Nicole Richie.

Driving while high on pot and Vicodin, with a suspended license, while on probation for an alcohol related reckless driving case gets you just over one hour in jail and that's being treated like any other inmate?

I think the other inmates might disagree.

And of course there's Lindsey Lohan who gets one day in jail, ten days community service, a fine, and 36 months probation for drunk driving and cocaine charges stemming from two arrests in four months time.

Another great example of "Equal Justice Under Law"

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What did I get myself into?

Nine credit hours this semester---NINE!! Just add this to my already busy schedule consisting of working full-time, planning and cooking meals, grocery shopping, housecleaning, a husband, two kitty kats, blogging, making cards, working on genealogy, pondering business ideas with RedQueen, and oh....everything else I do.

I need an extra 24 hours per week, can someone take care of that for me? Thanks!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To live in America now considered a basic human right...

I watched the clip of Kristin Powers on O'Reilly today and they were discussing the Elvira Arellano case. Powers said that immigration enforcement isn't a good use of government resources and to live in America was a basic human right.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Who has the tougher job?

Two people each work a full-time job. Each job has its own set of demands. It's impossible to compare the two jobs because the type of work done is completely different. One job tends to be mentally exhausting while the other is physically exhausting. Both individuals have one thing in common regarding their jobs and that is the office politics bullshit that takes place on a daily basis. Other than that they are as different as night and day.

So the question is......which individual has the tougher job?

The one works in the air conditioned office all day


The one who works in the hot warehouse?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Peepers & Pebbles Picture Show...

We took these recently...never mind the "98" date on the bottom right of the picture, somebody (and it wasn't me!) didn't set the date properly on the camera!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Papa Johns mini-rant...

Today was orientation for our new grad students and a group of our students arranged the ordered ten pizzas from Papa John's for lunch. They didn't arrive at the scheduled time so one of the students in charge of the function placed a call and found out the delivery guy was running late through no fault of his own. Ten minutes after that, which was a total of 25 minutes after the original delivery time, I called the establishment to find out what was up.

It was then that I got an earful from the guy who answered the phone, whining to me about how it was busy, just him and the delivery guy and he had forty pizzas to make. I said "why is that my fault? that's not my concern. What IS my concern is that the order was scheduled a day ahead and we've got a program that has to run on time and nobody bothered to call us to let us know the delivery guy was running late. "

The conversation went something like this:

"Who is your manager?"

"I don't know"

"You must have a manager, what's his name?"

"Some guy"

I was shocked. I asked "you mean to tell me your manager's name is some guy?"


"Ok there's a start, Billy WHO?"

"I don't know."

"Ok well do you have a phone number for Billy?"


"Ok so let me get this straight, you have a manager named Billy, you don't know his last name or how to get a hold of him"

"No. Listen lady, I've got forty pizzas to make and it's just me and the driver and I don't have time for this crap......."


The ass hung up on me. I was so livid.By that time, about four of my students involved in planning the event were standing there with their mouths dropped open not believing what they just heard, that the guy hung up on me!

Calmly I said "that's ok guys, by the time I'm done with them, the pizzas you ordered will cost you nothing."

I was pissed. What the hell kind of customer service is that? It's NOT the customer's fault that someone didn't plan their staffing appropriately. It's NOT the customer's fault if someone calls in sick or if they're shorthanded.

I called another PJ's and asked a very nice General Manager for the District Manager's number. The DM returned my call, I explained the situation and he was clearly as upset as I about the matter. He contacted the General Manager (who had not been there when I called earlier that day), and the GM called me back. He, like the DM, apologized for the guy's behavior after I told him my side of the sordid tale. Of course he did tell me that the guy told him what had happened that day but of course it was a watered down version. I didn't ask the GM if he asked his employee WHY he hung up on me. It's one thing to hang up on an abusive, foul-mouthed customer, but that was not me. I was purely professional which is why I was even more livid he hung up on me because I did not deserve it. I can understand someone having a bad day, but the behavior was inexcusable and nobody who has to deal with the public on a daily basis (I was told this kid was a low level manager) should have an attitude like that.

I was told that corrective action would be taken, it was explained to me the philosophy the managers have about running the company and clearly their vision is not one shared by some employees. I like the DM's vision for the company, I like the way he steps in and helps out in his stores when they're shorthanded, I like the way he handled this problem. It was a clearcut textbook example of how to handle a customer problem. They listened, they agreed, they assured me, and they apologized. They also offered us free pizza for a future event. And I plan to take them up on it.

The way in which Papa Johns handled this problem impressed me greatly. I suppose because everywhere I turn these days customer service sucks, it was nice to see a manager who actually cares, one who actually puts forth effort to right a wrong. I'm not a business person but having worked with people for so many years and of course having my fair share of common sense, I know how customer complaints should be handled. I've handled student problems for nearly fourteen years, I'm an expert at it, I know how to solve a problem, and how to comfort people and make them feel better when they feel they've been slighted.

What PJ's District Manager did is exactly what I would have done. I always say "shit happens, everyone knows that, but it's how you clean it up that matters" and that's true. Problems will happen, people make mistakes, but how you handle it can make you or break you.

And finally I met a manager who understands that philosophy! How refreshing!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Investigate Gerardo Sandoval....

I can't let this Sandoval thing go. It's like a train wreck I've got to keep watching.

Click here for a page of videos Dr. Savage's staff made of the so-called rally yesterday. I listened to some clips on the radio last night. What losers. Many of these people were bussed in to San Francisco from other cities. Who paid for the bus tickets? The gas? Hmm....who really was behind this? The so-called rally was full of losers, many who spoke wouldn't even bother to speak ENGLISH!

Supervisor Sandoval is not just anti-free speech, he's also anti-Jew, and he is part of the board that in 2002 adopted a resolution commending dictator HUGO CHAVEZ for his "commitment to democracy"

If ever there was an oxymoron this is it. Chavez and democracy! HA! What kind of American supports Chavez? I can't believe this guy is in office!

With the lone dissenting vote by Supervisor Ed Jew, the resolution against Dr. Michael Savage and the attempt by Gerardo Sandoval to to silence his freedom of speech ended, at least for now. Later on, Gerardo Sandoval is quoted as saying:

"The resolution created a San Francisco policy that says that we recognize this is hate speech and we condemn it. It's a first step in raising awareness - and it will to other councils doing the same thing - and in the end companies like Clear Channel which continue to support him, and the advertisers who continue to support the show, will get the message just like owners of Don Imus' show got the message, just like NBC got the message 4 years ago when they fired Michael Savage. "It's shameful that San Francisco couldn't get this done today."

Never mind that this loser lied about what Michael Savage actually said, what's important here is that Sandoval, an American citizen and a son of immigrants who came here for a better life, doesn't quite get the concept of free speech. He doesn't care that it is illegal for him to use his power as a government official to infringe upon an individual's constitutional right to free speech by backing an effort to have him ousted from his job.

I've been reading a lot of things about this guy and to me he seems really shifty. Something isn't right with him. He seems to be against the freedom and liberty we hold dear in America--oh wait--he's for it so long as it meets with his approval. I say here and now that Sandoval should be investigated. I say that the people of SF have a right to know WHO is backing him in this effort.

Who knows? In the end it could turn out to be Sandoval who is looking for a new job.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Michael Savage 1...San Fran"sicko" 0

The resolution to condemn Michael Savage failed. One man on the Board of Supervisors stopped it, his name is Ed Jew, an American citizen of Chinese heritage.

Thank you Mr. Jew for defending the Constitution of the United States!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lazy ass...

It sucks when a guy who is supposed to leave work at 3:30 can't get out till about 3:45 because he's helping customers while his lazy fatass coworker is in another room playing games on the computer instead of working.

In the private sector there's no way this shit would happen, at least not likely.

Monday, August 13, 2007

San Francisco government wages war on talk show host Michael Savage...

Things are about to get even more dangerous in America. A government official is using his office to silence an individual's free speech. This is extraordinary!

Recently San Francisco Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval and the moronic SF Board of Supervisors proposed and will soon vote on a resolution:

The City and County of San Francisco values the dignity of all its residents, regardless of immigration status, and makes every affirmative effort to ensure that all San Franciscans live in safety, free from discrimination.


WHEREAS, The City and County of San Francisco values the dignity of all its residents, regardless of immigration status, and makes every affirmative effort to ensure that all San Franciscans live in safety, free from discrimination; and

WHEREAS, The Board of Supervisors, in support of the weeklong student fast advocating immigration reform, passed Res. No. 0379-07 which commended R.I.S.E., and others involved in the demonstration, for their dedication to improving the lives of the immigrant community in America.

WHEREAS, Radio personality Michael Savage, in his program "Savage Nation," urged the death of those students by declaring that the demonstrators should "fast until they starve to death"; and

WHEREAS, On Wednesday, August 15th, 2007, community organizations and immigrant rights groups have scheduled a vigil to take place in front of the KNEW station offices in San Francisco, urging the termination of Michael Savage’s show; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Board of Supervisors condemns Michael Savage’s comments against the immigrant community; and, be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, That this speech is deemed by the Board as symbolic of hatred and racism which is neither endorsed nor tolerated by the City and County of San Francisco; and, be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, That in so doing, the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco affirms its tolerance, respect, and commitment to the immigrant community.

Sandoval is using his position as a government official to encourage a large group of illegal immigrants to protest against radio talk show host Michael Savage in an attempt to get him terminated from his job and off the air. Click here to read the story at WorldNetDaily.

Now you ask why does Sandoval have it in for Michael Savage? That's easy and I can tell you because this political independent thirtysomething gal listens to the Savage Nation radio program every night.

It's because of Dr. Savage's firm stance against illegal immigration and those who break the law by supporting it (namely the mayor of San Francisco who supports the protection of illegals and has prevented law enforcement from apprehending illegals).

Sandoval says that Dr. Savage is anti-immigrant. He is lying.

Michael Savage is not anti-immigration, for crying out loud, he's the son of an immigrant and often boasts proudly of his heritage. Like many of us, millions of us, Dr. Savage is against illegal immigration, he is against government sanctioning of illegal immigrants, he is against the use of taxpayer dollars to support illegal immigration in any way, shape, or form. He believes our government has a duty to uphold the law which very clearly states that illegal immigration is a crime and that supporting or aiding in it is a crime too. Just like us, he wants our government to do its job--protect our borders and enforce the law.

By attacking Michael Savage, the City and County government of San Francisco is clearly waging war on the First Amendment. Sandoval and the City of San Francisco have clearly violated the Constitutional rights of an American citizen. And whether you live in San Francisco or not, this is huge because when a government entity in this country wages war on free speech, they are waging war on all of us as individuals.

We must come together in this. It doesn't matter whether or not you listen to the Savage Nation or whether or not you like Michael Savage. Neither is the issue. What is the issue is defense of free speech. We cannot allow any government entity in this country to attempt to abolish free speech.

You can start by emailing Michael Savage and supporting his fight against government tyranny and an attempt to silence free speech.

You can also email or call Gerardo Sandoval at GERARDO.SANDOVAL@SFGOV.ORG or at 415-554-6975. And while you're at it, how about a call to the ACLU urging them to support Dr. Savage in his quest to protect not just his right to free speech but OURS too!

Remember, right now this may be way out west in San Francisco, but it could easily end up in your hometown!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The bigger the institution, the less common sense...

What kind of place would threaten to prosecute you for theft for something they throw away? I mean it's garbage for cryin' out loud, who cares if you take it?

Apparently "the institution" does!

This place throws away so much shit. A physical plant employee told me recently that he was told that taking something out of the dumpster could result in being written up or worse--fired. Yep, taking something out of the garbage is considered theft. The bastards would rather THROW it away then let one of their employees take it home and use it, or better yet, donate it to some poor soul who can! I mean shit, it's not doing anyone any good in the garbage dumpster is it?

I have often seen one physical plant supervisor sitting in the truck listening to the radio, smoking, with the A/C on and windows rolled up while the working stiffs bust their asses digging holes and doing the real work. I found out their grounds maintenance people take the grass clippings and tree limbs from their landscaping work and they dump the shit into a pit off campus---a pit which by the way, the institution has to PAY to dump their shit there. I've seen custodial staff routinely throw the actual garbage trash and the recycle box paper in the same trash bag. And some areas employe too many supervisors especially in physical plant! There's actually one area where out of ten employees THREE are supervisors! And one other waste---there are people on this campus who intentionally falsify their time. There's so much waste. But do you dare say anything? No. You can't. They do have a "get lean" hotline but one has to wonder if it really will produce any positive results.

Of course some folks are more worried about the real urgent issues like employees using too much toilet paper, or the air conditioning being too cool in the offices, or that somewhere someone might have accidentally left a light on in their office when they went to lunch.

What a joke!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Support the Wounded Warrior Project!

Check out the Wounded Warrior Project website!

Times are tough for an awful lot of people in regards to their financial situation so if you can't donate, at least post a link to the site on your website or blog and please encourage people you know who can donate, to do so!

Any donation is appreciated. Donations of $99 or more purchase a filled backpack for one soldier with needed comfort items such as toiletries and other goods.When you purchase the backpack, you can include a message of thanks and send some hope to the soldiers who receive them. Your message will be placed on a luggage tag that will be attached to the backpack.

Remember, if you can't donate, spread the word about the project!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


This guy shoulda been wearing the right footwear ya think?

This story is extremely close to home so I am sure mom, dad and Susan will get a big kick out of it!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Too many chiefs...

Ok so you've got a college degree and you speak a foreign language--big deal! If you're "all that" WTF are you doing as a friggin' safety coordinator? You've got a business degree but it's evident you were no scholar yet all you do all day long is go around telling everyone else how it's supposed to be done. The funny thing is that you've never done any of the jobs yourself, you've never learned how to use any of the equipment. You're not even a supervisor to the guys you're dogging, you expect because you're a safety dipshit that you're something special, you're telling guys how have been working more years than you've been ALIVE, how to do their jobs properly.

You're a moron.

This is so reminiscent of when dad worked for Southern Bell, simply known as just "the phone company" for some 27 years. It was never dull...there was always some idiotic supervisor going around from job to job making miserable the lives of the guys who actually did the work. These supervisors felt that because they had degrees or had kissed enough ass to get their current position, they were somehow more knowledgeable than the guys who had spent many more years and shed much more sweat doing these jobs. In reality, these supervisors didn't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

This latest moron is from the "new generation", a breed of snot-nosed college educated idiots who think that the degree suddenly makes them special.

They're special alright, just not in the way they think they are!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Tired of solving everyone's problems...

I must admit that I am becoming tired of solving other people's problems. I know a large part of my job is problem solving and I'm good at it, but that doesn't mean I like it all the time. All last week I did done nothing but paperwork related to putting out fires and solving problems--registration problems, pay problems, fee waiver problems, curriculum problem, graduation problems, the list goes on and on. Much of the problem solving takes place because someone somewhere, be it student or staff person didn't do their job. Usually it's the student not having done something they were supposed to do a long time ago that gets them into these messes. Other times it's really not their fault when someone at the institution screws up.

A student actually asked me:

What do I need to do to graduate?


You're in your last semester and you're just now asking that question?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

“My daughter earned everything she got”

The RedQueen aka Deb and I feel the same in many regards when it comes to education. And no doubt that when she read this New York Times article and then sent it on to me, she knew what she was doing. She knew the story would piss me off as much as it did her. And this article proves to me once again why I am not surprised why many public schools are turning out a lot of below-average students deficient in reading, math, english and other areas. These are the graduates whose most spectacular job in life amounts to "would you like fries with that?"

I'm with Austin Lampros on this one--he's the teacher and subject of the aforementioned article. His situation is a prime example of why so many potentially outstanding teachers in America never actually become teachers or leave the profession after only a few years. People who enter public school teaching don't do it because of the money, they do it because they have a desire to help others, to do some good, and what better way to be a positive influence and do good than educating America's youth right? There seem to be two major problems in regards to public school education and that is parents who don't become involved and administrators who interfere with the teachers ability to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

A perfect example of the parenting issue is the mother of the student in this article. Now I don't know this woman but a good mother would have been hell-bent on her daughter attending school on a regular basis, studying hard, and passing the class on her own and not by way of being given special treatment and extra points just to get her graduated. What will happen to the daughter Indira Fernandez? How will she get through life if she just barely gets through high school? How will she handle rejection? How will she handle being required to EARN and not be GIVEN what she wants in life.

I hope somehow Indira Fernandez makes it in life, I really do. If she doesn't,you and I will be paying for it. I hope that somehow she can straighten up, go to community or technical or some other type college, get some remedial education if necessary to move on to higher level education and then make something of herself. Working at McDonald's, unmarried with three kids, living in the slums, and on public assistance is no life and that's where she's headed. We can thank her mother and the administrators in the public school system in New York for that. It is easier for them to just pass her and get her out of there than take the time to actually educate her and provide her with the skills she will need to survive in the world. It's just disgraceful.

As to the teacher, Austin Lampros, I hope he finds another great teaching job somewhere in a school system which appreciates his talents, education and love for teaching. I hope he doesn't give up on his chosen profession because there are students out there who want a teacher like him, and who need a teacher like him.

Friday, August 03, 2007

The evil of the fast food industry...

I pride myself in my ability to see things from both sides, all sides. I don't always agree but I try to see different points of view and understand them. For years I have disagreed that certain big businesses in America were actually hurting America and I believed it was true for some and not others. I've talked with normal, rational (not radical) people who have tried to explain to me that what was on the surface isn't how it REALLY is...

I think I see their point now.

After hearing a lot of interesting thing about the book "Fast Food Nation" I read it and I admit it wasn't what I expected. I expected it to be a book which grossed me out, detailing the nastiness of fast food kitchens (some of it does but not all of it). The one thing every single person I've talked to who has read this has told me is that regardless of my politics, this book will change me. All I can say is "wow" they were right. I have always known there is greed, corruption, dishonesty, and manipulation, but I never realized how pervasive they were...not until now. I now find myself very angry at the corporations I once defended. And above all, I had NO idea how deep the fast food industry permeated every facet of American culture.....

I couldn't even list everything in this book. You should read it for yourself...

the food is not as safe as we are led to believe.

much of the meat is not routinely tested as we are led to believe.

the four largest meatpacking firms which have most of the business are ConAgra, IBP, Excel and National Beef. They slaughter 84% of this nation's cattle.

the processing of the fast food prior to shipment to restaurants completely removes its flavor and something called the flavor industry which is primarily based in Jersey, spends billions formulating chemicals to give our food flavor.

the red dye in most red foods is made from insects collected in Peru and the Canary Islands (I'd read this before but wasn't sure).

fast food giant McDonald's takes advantage of teenage labor and people who are uneducated, unskilled and illiterate.

the fast food industry would have you and I believe their food is healthy. the reason McDonald's fries taste so good is that prior to the switch to vegetable oil, they were fried in a 7 percent sunflower oil and 93% beef tallow (that's beef FAT). The fries had and continue to have more fat per ounce than their burgers. (now i'm a proponent of personal responsibility so YES i believe that overeating fast food is dangerous BUT i'm beginning to wonder---eating it at all in ANY quantities may be a really bad idea, especially children!!).

Taco Bell has engaged in falsifying employee time cards by reducing the number of hours worked. this was done because the company policy dictated that reducing labor costs resulted in managers bonuses.

IBP, one of the nation's largest meatpackers engages in unsafe practices and intimidates employees. There are many occasions where knives are not sterilized and there is cross contamination of meat that is allowed to go through.

the fast food industry strives to simplify every process and task inside the restaurants so that no training need be required on ANY equipment. the less training needed, the lower skilled the worker, they less they have to pay.

Senator Phil Gramm who backed policies favoring the meat packing industry was the chair of the Senate Agriculture committee while his wife Wendy sat on the board of IBP, one of the nation's largest meat packing corporations.

McDonald's discriminates against employees who try to join unions. They have even gone so far as to close stores and fired all employees and then open new stores nearby refusing to hire any former employee who had backed the union.

in Britain, McDonalds employed spies to infiltrate greenpeace and other anti-McDonald's groups. They also utilized private investigators to follow these individuals in the course of their daily routine of their private lives.

the meatpacking companies have on more than one occasion conspired to manipulate market prices.

the USDA and federal government have absolutely NO authority to recall contaminated beef. also, any recall is strictly voluntary on the part of the beef industry and if it's done, the names of the brands and stores where located are protected, the USDA doesn't have to release the info and they don't.

poultry processors like Tyson manipulate and intimidate the growers they contract to raise the chickens for slaughter. if the grower joins a union, Tyson can and will terminate the contract, forcing the grower out of business.

the four major meatpacking companies have succeeded in keeping the real price of cattle a secret. small-mid size cattle ranchers have no idea the true price of cattle on any given day.

Archer Daniels Midland, engaged in price fixing and overcharging farmers by some $180 million.

when workers were killed at IBP meat packing plants due to unsafe practices, the company was only assessed a $480 fine per each person who died.

the fast food industry has a policy of firing or forcing out whistleblowers.

many ranchers are afraid to testify against the beef industry because the retaliation will result in the beef industry refusing the buy the ranchers product which in turn results in the ranchers losing their livelihood.

the food we eat in restaurants is only as safe as the people who make it. how well do you trust strangers?

90,000 of ranch land is being lost to suburban development in Colorado every year.

the small to mid size farmers have all but disappeared due to the few larger corporations buying them out or running them out of business by underbidding them or making under the table deals. these ranches also face huge inheritance taxes. many of these ranchers and farmers are land-rich and cash-poor and when a rancher dies and his estate passes to his heirs, many times parts of the property have to be sold off to pay the inheritace tax, thus reducing the size of the land.

mergers and acquisitions have greatly reduced the number of smaller to mid-size companies which can compete with the conglomerates.

the big four contract large ranchers to run feedlots which put the independent ranchers out of business.

ConAgra has participated in blackmail by forcing the state of Nebraska to give the company special tax breaks in exchange for staying in-state. The taxcode was revised in such a way that each new job at ConAgra and IBP was backed by a taxpayer subsidy of $13,000-$23,000.

The Big Four have worked tirelessly to crush labor unions.

ConAgra, the nation's largest meatpacking firm has engaged in deceitful practices such as falsifying accident logs, hiring illegal immigrants, and unsafe practices in their meatpacking facilities. ConAgra has also manipulated and intimidated ranchers.

former quaint small towns in the west where the largest meatpacking companies have established slaughterhouses have become riddled with extremely low wages, illiteracy, illegal immigrants, violent crime, drug and alcohol abuse.

the fast food industry spends millions on research in the form of spying on children at playgrounds and in the classroom, and in focus groups in an effort to target children in their advertising campaings. without a doubt, the fast food industry TARGETS children!!! they have even come up with names for the tactics children can use to persuade their parents to take them to McDonald's. their goal is to advertise to children in such a way the children use these tactics in an effort to get what they want.

McDonald's (as well as Disney) often promote advertising that makes you think if you take your child to their establishment, it makes you a good parent.

In the wake of school budget cuts, corporations like Coca Cola and McDonalds pay large amounts of money to several school systems around the country in exchange for being able to advertise their products in the schools. Some schools have names of products painted on their roofs, in their hallways, some have vending machines outside classrooms. Some fast food chains even have franchises inside the school cafeteria. there are times these schools are required to meet "sales quotas" in order to keep the money flowing in from the corporation. schools are forced by their administration to subtly encourage children to consume the products!

the soft drink and fast food industry are in bed with each other AND Disney.

large corporations often charge exorbitant fees to their franchises and force them to use corporate approved suppliers. the corporations raise the price of the products supplied to the franchises thus making more profit off their own franchise.

the small business administration, an entity of our federal government, which assists in the financing of small independent businesses has given MILLIONS in loans to fast food franchises. These franchises pay large franchise fees and a share of their revenues to the corporate entity thus helping to generate profit for the them. many franchises have gone under and we the taxpayers wind up footing the bill. and thanks to the SBA loans, we are also financing corporations like McDonald's and Burger King with our tax dollars.

there are only 1100 potato farmers left in Idaho. there are only three leading producers of fries in America, they are J.R. Simplot (the smallest of the three), Lamb Weston and McCain (out of Canada). These giants are able to outbid smaller companies and put them out of business or buy them.

the Potato Growers of Idaho known as PGI attempted to create an alliance with potato farmers in other states which are also large potato producers. One of the big three potato processors underminded it by creating a secret deal with a core group of potato farmers and thwarted the PGI efforts.

roughly every $1.50 spent on a large order of friends, about 2 cents goes to the farmer.

the beef, meatpacking and fast food industries have huge allies in Congress, preventing legislation which benefits consumers, from being passed.

America is being franchised to death.

I am not anti-beef, there are a lot of good and honest beef ranchers, and farmers of all sorts of crops! I am also not anti-business, I think there are a lot of good and honest business owners. But I hate monopolies and am distrustful of most multi-national corporations that specialize in "cheap" "discount" and "fast".

The author Eric Schlosser who did an enormous amount of research and interviewing over a period of years for this book proposes a simple solution:

"Congress should ban advertising that preys upon children, it should stop subsidizing dead-end jobs, it should pass tougher food safety laws, it should protect American workers from serious harm, it should fight against dangerous concentrations of economic power."

I agree. None of the above actions would infringe upon the civil liberties of Americans, so I'm all for it. He adds:

"Congress should do all those things but it isn't likely to do any of them soon. The political influence of the fast food indstury and its agribusines suppliers made a discussion of what Congress should do largely academic. The fast food industry spends millions of dollars every year on lobbying and billions on mass marketing. The wealth and power of the major chains make them seem impossible to defeat."

I agree. I suppose now I have to decide what I'm going to do about it.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Say what?

I have to say that Steve's great post about bad drivers in Memphis was hilarious and reminded me of this Godforsaken college town where very few individuals understand the concept of "rules of the road". It's either uppity soccer moms in SUV's who can't seem to go on green because their head is glued to their cell phone, young punks in lowriders with their music blaring.

What I'd like to know is where the hell in the Florida Driver's Handbook does it state proper seat placement is reclined all the way back where one can barely see over the windshield? What moron invented this?

Believe it or not called the "gangsta lean" I mean shit can you believe there's actually a name for this? No doubt created by the same ingenious and scholarly author of ebonics.

One quite intelligent homey defines it as:
"A common driving position in which the driver holds the wheel with his left hand while reclining all the way back in his seat and leaning to his right toward the passenger seat, usually bobbing his head or bumpin' with the beat. It's a pretty badass way to drive. This move works best in a Chevy Caprice or or any pimp-style car with a 3-person front seat."

You have to admit his sentence usage is quite creative:

"...with a hellafied gangsta lean, gettin' funky on da mike like an ol' bunch of collard greens..." -Snoop DoggSammy was gangsta leanin' so hard yesterday that his head was partially out the passenger window. What a pimp. "

And then we have this brutha from the hood with an obviously well-thought out definition:

"A gangsta lean is not leaning to the inside of your car, that is for pussys who are scared. The proper lean is with the right hand on the wheel, leanin' to the left, so everybody can see yo' mug. It shows that you ain't afraid, that you are on point, and that you know what the fuck you are doin', and you'z aware of your surroundings."

Of course he too passed high school english 101 with flying colors:

"Them niggas that Gangsta Lean to the left got schooled on some proper shit...from the old school gangstas."



Personally, I sorta prefer this definition:

"Clownish activity practiced while driving by illiterate high school dropouts and other social misfits. Anyone that practices the gangsta lean is proclaiming to society that he anticipates dying at a young age from stray gunfire. Known to invite cleansing of the gene pool by other gangsta leaners that practice alternate leaning styles. Gangsta leaners often define themselves in simple, cartoonish ways that invite negative reaction, such as wearing tacky costume jewelry that they call bling and wearing pants that are too big so that their underwear shows. The latter is a particularly classless act that publicizes their pathetic attempts at trying to find some individuality in a society that penalizes stupidity and willful ignorance. "Ooh, I'm rebelling against society by expressing myself with my boxers..."

And simple use of verbage in a sentence:

"The ex-con practiced his gangsta lean while driving and his pimp walk while on foot. Those pass for exercise programs in the 'hood."

Well-put ma-man!

On behalf of women everywhere...

When all else fails...

Below is DH's idea of retaliation against the computer. No, kidding. If when one yells at the computer, the computer doesn't respond appropriately, apologize for f*cking up, and politely fix itself, this is what happens. And because poor mister HP scanner decided not to work properly earlier this evening, he's dead, stone cold dead.

And so I decided to do some research on how to fix husbands that don't work properly, don't apologize for f*cking up and refuse to fix their bad habits.

I've got to get a copy of this book!