Saturday, August 11, 2007

The bigger the institution, the less common sense...

What kind of place would threaten to prosecute you for theft for something they throw away? I mean it's garbage for cryin' out loud, who cares if you take it?

Apparently "the institution" does!

This place throws away so much shit. A physical plant employee told me recently that he was told that taking something out of the dumpster could result in being written up or worse--fired. Yep, taking something out of the garbage is considered theft. The bastards would rather THROW it away then let one of their employees take it home and use it, or better yet, donate it to some poor soul who can! I mean shit, it's not doing anyone any good in the garbage dumpster is it?

I have often seen one physical plant supervisor sitting in the truck listening to the radio, smoking, with the A/C on and windows rolled up while the working stiffs bust their asses digging holes and doing the real work. I found out their grounds maintenance people take the grass clippings and tree limbs from their landscaping work and they dump the shit into a pit off campus---a pit which by the way, the institution has to PAY to dump their shit there. I've seen custodial staff routinely throw the actual garbage trash and the recycle box paper in the same trash bag. And some areas employe too many supervisors especially in physical plant! There's actually one area where out of ten employees THREE are supervisors! And one other waste---there are people on this campus who intentionally falsify their time. There's so much waste. But do you dare say anything? No. You can't. They do have a "get lean" hotline but one has to wonder if it really will produce any positive results.

Of course some folks are more worried about the real urgent issues like employees using too much toilet paper, or the air conditioning being too cool in the offices, or that somewhere someone might have accidentally left a light on in their office when they went to lunch.

What a joke!

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