Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fixing a fence could get ya jail time!

You just never know what you're going to read in the morning paper do ya?

This story
out of Torrance, California takes the cake my friends.

Three years ago, 51-year old Francisco Linares decided to repair a run-down termite-infested fence on the front of his property. He called city officials for information on who should fix it and he was told it was his responsibility.

And so he fixed it. He didn't move it, he just repaired it.

Then the city changed its mind insisting that he built a new fence on city property and ordered him to remove it--and other structures on his property.

That was just the beginning of this nightmare. I bet now he wished he hadn't even touched the damn thing.

Read the story I linked to above for more on this. The city filed misdemeanor charges and Linares is now facing jailtime for not complying with the city's dumbass regulations--regulations I might add which seem to be inconsistently enforced.

From the article:

"In October 2004, the city charged Linares with three misdemeanors: for not taking down the fence, having a retaining wall built higher than a 2-foot restriction and for erecting stone columns without a neighborhood compatibility analysis. Later inspections found eight other violations, including a lack of permits for plumbing and grading.

"He's had a couple of years to correct the problems," said Dean Pucci, a Fullerton attorney contracted as the city's prosecutor. "His options were to obtain final permits or remove all of these structures built without permits."

I suppose there's not much real crime going on in Torrance California these days eh?

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