Thursday, August 16, 2007

Investigate Gerardo Sandoval....

I can't let this Sandoval thing go. It's like a train wreck I've got to keep watching.

Click here for a page of videos Dr. Savage's staff made of the so-called rally yesterday. I listened to some clips on the radio last night. What losers. Many of these people were bussed in to San Francisco from other cities. Who paid for the bus tickets? The gas? Hmm....who really was behind this? The so-called rally was full of losers, many who spoke wouldn't even bother to speak ENGLISH!

Supervisor Sandoval is not just anti-free speech, he's also anti-Jew, and he is part of the board that in 2002 adopted a resolution commending dictator HUGO CHAVEZ for his "commitment to democracy"

If ever there was an oxymoron this is it. Chavez and democracy! HA! What kind of American supports Chavez? I can't believe this guy is in office!

With the lone dissenting vote by Supervisor Ed Jew, the resolution against Dr. Michael Savage and the attempt by Gerardo Sandoval to to silence his freedom of speech ended, at least for now. Later on, Gerardo Sandoval is quoted as saying:

"The resolution created a San Francisco policy that says that we recognize this is hate speech and we condemn it. It's a first step in raising awareness - and it will to other councils doing the same thing - and in the end companies like Clear Channel which continue to support him, and the advertisers who continue to support the show, will get the message just like owners of Don Imus' show got the message, just like NBC got the message 4 years ago when they fired Michael Savage. "It's shameful that San Francisco couldn't get this done today."

Never mind that this loser lied about what Michael Savage actually said, what's important here is that Sandoval, an American citizen and a son of immigrants who came here for a better life, doesn't quite get the concept of free speech. He doesn't care that it is illegal for him to use his power as a government official to infringe upon an individual's constitutional right to free speech by backing an effort to have him ousted from his job.

I've been reading a lot of things about this guy and to me he seems really shifty. Something isn't right with him. He seems to be against the freedom and liberty we hold dear in America--oh wait--he's for it so long as it meets with his approval. I say here and now that Sandoval should be investigated. I say that the people of SF have a right to know WHO is backing him in this effort.

Who knows? In the end it could turn out to be Sandoval who is looking for a new job.

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