Sunday, August 05, 2007

“My daughter earned everything she got”

The RedQueen aka Deb and I feel the same in many regards when it comes to education. And no doubt that when she read this New York Times article and then sent it on to me, she knew what she was doing. She knew the story would piss me off as much as it did her. And this article proves to me once again why I am not surprised why many public schools are turning out a lot of below-average students deficient in reading, math, english and other areas. These are the graduates whose most spectacular job in life amounts to "would you like fries with that?"

I'm with Austin Lampros on this one--he's the teacher and subject of the aforementioned article. His situation is a prime example of why so many potentially outstanding teachers in America never actually become teachers or leave the profession after only a few years. People who enter public school teaching don't do it because of the money, they do it because they have a desire to help others, to do some good, and what better way to be a positive influence and do good than educating America's youth right? There seem to be two major problems in regards to public school education and that is parents who don't become involved and administrators who interfere with the teachers ability to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

A perfect example of the parenting issue is the mother of the student in this article. Now I don't know this woman but a good mother would have been hell-bent on her daughter attending school on a regular basis, studying hard, and passing the class on her own and not by way of being given special treatment and extra points just to get her graduated. What will happen to the daughter Indira Fernandez? How will she get through life if she just barely gets through high school? How will she handle rejection? How will she handle being required to EARN and not be GIVEN what she wants in life.

I hope somehow Indira Fernandez makes it in life, I really do. If she doesn't,you and I will be paying for it. I hope that somehow she can straighten up, go to community or technical or some other type college, get some remedial education if necessary to move on to higher level education and then make something of herself. Working at McDonald's, unmarried with three kids, living in the slums, and on public assistance is no life and that's where she's headed. We can thank her mother and the administrators in the public school system in New York for that. It is easier for them to just pass her and get her out of there than take the time to actually educate her and provide her with the skills she will need to survive in the world. It's just disgraceful.

As to the teacher, Austin Lampros, I hope he finds another great teaching job somewhere in a school system which appreciates his talents, education and love for teaching. I hope he doesn't give up on his chosen profession because there are students out there who want a teacher like him, and who need a teacher like him.

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