Friday, August 24, 2007

"She was really treated like any other inmate"

...that great quote was from Shawn Chapman Holley, the attorney for Nicole Richie.

Driving while high on pot and Vicodin, with a suspended license, while on probation for an alcohol related reckless driving case gets you just over one hour in jail and that's being treated like any other inmate?

I think the other inmates might disagree.

And of course there's Lindsey Lohan who gets one day in jail, ten days community service, a fine, and 36 months probation for drunk driving and cocaine charges stemming from two arrests in four months time.

Another great example of "Equal Justice Under Law"

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  1. I'm repeatedly irritated by the lax treatment these celebrities receive for their flaunting of the law. I think that irritation is only surpassed by my disdain for the inordinate media coverage of their childish, and often dangerous, antics.

    I too wonder what other inmates think of this...