Friday, August 31, 2007

We're all just ONE broken law away from prison...

Oh sure we are! We all are.

Anyway, did this Senator from Idaho actually touch his foot to the person in the stall next to him?

Did he reach under the stall?

You and I will likely never know but what bothers me here is arresting someone for a crime not yet committed. I am greatly concerned for the trend in America of arresting for crimes not committed. A person is arrested for certain behavior thought to be criminal. It doesn't mean I defend what goes on in those bathrooms, on the internet and everywhere else where people are doing deviant things, BUT....I just find it difficult to accept arresting someone for something they MIGHT do.

That is very dangerous.

There are times I consider it entrapment. When an undercover police officer makes the first move, I call it entrapment.

I don't know yet if this case could be considered entrapment but we'll find out. In the meantime I wish he'd shut up about not being gay. Big deal, he's so adamant about not being gay, frankly what's wrong with being gay? I'd be more concerned about our elected officials seeking out favors in a public restroom with strangers more than I'd be concerned about them being gay.


  1. You know, I did not even know who Sen. Craig was before this so I don't have any opinion of him whatsoever.

    However, from what I've read about this case it sounds a bit....weird. Let's see, he was tapping his foot in a stall and then picked something up off the floor or dropped something? I don't know...

    The whole thing is just weird...thank God I'm a woman and can safely tap my feet in the restroom (at least as far as I know....)

  2. you can tap your foot now my dear but.....who knows? LOL

  3. Can you spare a square?8/31/2007

    Hmmm.....Definetly don't drop the soap now.