Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fred Thompson, Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche were over at my house for a party...

I had a barbecue at my house like I have done three out of the last five years. We do it in Spring, we invite the faculty, staff, and grad students and we have some fun and good food. Tommy Lee Jones, Fred Thompson and Anne Heche showed up too. Fred was mingling and talking to everyone as if he had always known them, not politicking, just having a good time. I kept wanting to take him aside and talk to him but there just didn't seem an opportunity. While the guests cavorted in the back, near the beach behind my house and playing games and such, I was in the house almost the entire time. There was a passcode to get into one of the bathrooms and some girl kept messing with it and so people kept getting locked in the bathroom.

I did talk to Fred--I told him that DH and I were job hunting and we didn't like Florida and if he had anything up in his neck of the woods he should let me know and he said he would. He was a nice guy, I enjoyed having him at our party.

The house I was living in at the time, was a brick and stone building, very nice. It had a sub basement, basement, ground and top floors. Apparently, there was some kind of water tunnel running under the house and if you opened this large hatch on the basement floor, the subbasement would flood. Well somebody at the party opened it. This meant that three people had to get in there and fix it or the place would flood, killing a bunch of people who were on the basement floor.

I volunteered to help fix this, I needed a wetsuit though and something to breathe through. I was slighly claustrobic so before Anne and I went into the sub basement to attempt to fix this problem, I had to find my way out first. I had to know the way out. I kept telling her I had to know the way out, and finally I found my way out through this maze of a sub basement up to the top floor in case we had to escape--should the hatch break and the house flood. When I was up on top of the roof, this huge wave of water came shooting over the house, like a tsunami, and I hunkered down next to this concrete thing attached to the roof and I held on to it. I looked out over the ocean nearby and the ocean was rumbling. Finally it subsided, everyone woh had been outside watching clapped and I knew I'd be ok.

And so it went--we got our wetsuits on and were going in to fix that hatch. Tommy wanted to go but decided someone with experience fixing these disastrous type problems needed to stay behind to make sure we could do it right. As I donned my wetsuit, one of the guys from work, a professor I know and consider a friend was also there. He'd gotten to the party late and was walking through the house greeting folks and saying hi when he spotted me in the wetsuit and couldn't understand why I wanted to risk my life to go down there to fix that hatch and I said I had to do it. I don't think he wanted me to go down there, but I had to go. And so Anne and I donning our suits went down there.

In the meantime, one of the students who was there when we got there, did something stupid and released a valve on the hatch, this meant the sub basement would flood and cause a disaster--Tommy got upset and told the kid to get the hell out of the house, then he we went down into the sub basment to try and fix this problem before a bunch of people were killed. In the meantime, a bunch of the students and guests were still picnicking and enjoying the barbecue in our extremely large backyard.

Then I woke up.


  1. I'm a mental health specialist, and I can officially tell you that dream is... weird.

    Seriously, sounds like you feel responsible for taking care of your own world. Right?

    Say Hi to Fred for me. I kinda like him.

  2. ROFL it is weird isn't it? Yeah I do feel responsible for my own life. Tommy Lee Jones is so cool though!