Monday, September 17, 2007

Hillary wants to "require" health insurance? What else can we require?

Hillary Clinton's new health insurance plan requires every American to purchase health insurance either through their employer or through a model of the current Medicare and federal employees health insurance plans.

Hillary Clinton proposes eliminating Bush tax cuts for individuals earning over $250,000 annually in an effort to use that savings to pay for her proposed health care plan for "all Americans"

Of course let's not stop at insurance, what other things could we require?

1)Every American should be required to have a job. This way, fewer people are mooching off the government and the taxpayers and more people are contributing to their own welfare and the good of America. Of course, every American should be given a job regardless of their qualifications. The government should create jobs or better yet, require large companies to fire high paid employees to make room for a multitude of lower paid employees. Employees should not be discriminated against because they don't meet the qualifications of the job. That wouldn't be fair.

2)Every American should be required to have a four year college education regardless of whether they could actually do well in college or not. Ahh but many can't afford the high cost of education so the educational institutions should be required to give reduced tuition to students OR the students whose parents make $100,000 per year or more should subsidize the cost of education. Employers should also be required to reimburse employees for tuition costs regardless of grades earned.

3)Every American should be required to live in a home. Not a mobile home, not a rental apartment, but a real live mortgaged-to-the-hilt-home. It's not fair that some people get to live in a home which requires a decent wage and good credit to get financing (at least it used to), a down-payment, high insurance payments and maintenance costs while others are forced to live in a (GASP!) apartment or mobile home!

4)Every American should be required to have a retirement account. Of course since many people can't come up with the money to get it started, the government should required that employers contribute to a plan for them. Those individuals who make over $250,000 per year should be required to contribute 5% of their annual gross income to a fund to help create retirement accounts for everyone else.

5)Every American should be required to have a cell phone. It's not fair that they are unable to communicate on demand. And if they can't afford a cell phone, then providers should be required to give them free or reduced phones as well as coverage. If they are unable to afford the basic service, it should be subsidized by the government.

6)Every American should be required to have internet access. And I'm not talking dialup either. Every American has the right to be able to communicate via email and search the web. Local communities should be required to fund this out of their general revenue and the shortfall should be made up by forcing local cable and phone companies to give free or reduced rates for high speed service to those in the community who cannot afford high speed.

7)Every family should be required to have a computer. It's not fair that only the rich kids get computers. Dell, Apple, Gateway and other companies should be required to give free computers to low income families.

8)Every family in America should be required to have a separate bedroom for each child in their family. It's not fair that some kids have to share a room with a sibling. Since many families can't afford this, the government should be required to offer tax breaks to families for the purpose of building enough extra bedrooms onto their home. Contractors should be required to give a discount to families under a certain income who build extra rooms onto their homes for their children.

9)Every family in America should be required to have a television in their home--with cable or satellite dish service. Why should only the rich have access to entertainment and the news? All Americans deserve to know what's going on in America. All Americans deserve to be entertained. Those families who cannot afford a television would receive a discount from television manufacturers or the televisions would be purchased by the government and distributed to the needy families. Satellite and cable companies would be required to offer free basic service to low income Americans.

10)Every American should be required to go out and eat at least once a week. It's not fair that tired working mothers have to go home after work and cook dinner for their families while the rich folks in America get to go out and eat. The government should be required to mail restaurant coupons to low income families and local restaurants should give out discount cards to these people so they too can have a decent meal out.

11)Every person in America should be required to vote--regardless of whether or not they are under 18. People who are poor, unemployed, elderly, disadvantaged, single parents, minorities, disabled, gay, homeless, uneducated, living in rental housing, don't have computers, cable, high speed internet or television in their homes, and have no health insurance should be offered monetary incentives to vote.

Those wealthy individuals making $250,000 per year or more should be required to submit 10% of their income into a special government vote buying fund to pay for it.




  1. I think your right all those things should be required. But you missed one. I think that every elected politician in Washington that has ever screwed some one for self gain should be required to go out and KISS every ASS of every person they they have lied to, cheated, or just plain F---ed and beg there forgivness. that should cover all of them. I wouldn't want to miss any one.

  2. Anonymous9/18/2007

    What's left to say? Jess for president!--ST