Sunday, September 02, 2007

Get out of Iraq...

....and this isn't politically motivated either. I began as a common sense Independent and I remain that way. But after years of supporting us going into Iraq, based on what I believe were valid reasons, I am officially supporting withdrawing our troops from the region.

The Goverment Accountability Office report states that the US has not met 11 of the 18 goals it had established for Iraq. The Bush Administration will be releasing its own report soon. Wanna bet what it says? I guarantee you it totally conflicts with the GAO's report.

If we stay there, more American soldiers die, if we pull out, our credibility is shot. Many Americans believe we can't leave because the sacrifices our injured and dead soldiers made will have been in vain. I don't think that is a reason to stay there and I also don't believe their sacrifice was in vain. I believe those men and women who were injured and lost their lives were doing their jobs, the jobs they were trained to do, to the best of their ability. They made a commitment to their service and they honored it by carrying out their duties. What hampers their efforts the most is a President's men cannot fight a war against barbaric terrorists and win using the methods we are currently using. Who ever heard of sending your ground troops in first? Why haven't we sent the Air Force in, bombed the areas and then send our ground troops in? You cannot fight terrorists with rules of engagement, it does not work!!!

So why do we fight this war in a p.c. manner? Because we don't want to kill innocent civilians. Because we're trying to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi citizens.

Too late. Those who hate us, hate us and there's no changing their minds.

Many will ask "What about our credibility?" Well who cares? We're still the bad boy on the block, we're still the test of representative democracy gone right, we're still the best nation to live in on this earth.

Ok so this is similar to Vietnam--we screwed that one up and we survived. Our two biggest mistakes regarding Vietnam were 1) getting involved in the first place and 2) not taking care of the soldiers who came home. This nation has a moral obligation to its soldiers and we let them down. It happened again in the 1st Gulf War when the US government denied the existence of the Gulf War Syndrome and it's happening today in the way so many veterans are being treated after returning from the Middle East.

As much as we want to spread freedom, we can't just go into countries and depose their leaders and institute our own form of government. We cannot institute a free and democratic government where the people do not wish one to exist. With a free and democratic government comes a more western way of life. Do you think the Middle East and the Muslim religion will allow this? No. They already hate our way of life, what makes us think they're going to welcome it in their own country with open arms?

I think Bush owes us an apology and an explanation and I think George Tenet and every single person who knew the truth and said nothing, owes us an apology and should be slapped with criminal charges. Ask yourself who is profiting from this war? Not the American people overall, not the soldiers, not the Iraqi people. It's the the government military complex. Ask yourself how much government contractors are being paid.

I hate to think that so many people died for greed. It's too much, I can't even think about it.

Like I said earlier, I'm a "common sense" person. And my common sense is telling me the conflict in Iraq is a war we can't win. Not in this lifetime.

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