Thursday, September 20, 2007

They just don't get it...

In this piece DebbieD over at some unofficial UF college blog claims that Officer Mallo gave a false police report. That's a mighty big accusation Miss Debbie considering she doesn't have the facts. You see folks, DebbieD is talking about this statement by Officer Mallo:

As Senator Kerry was ending his speech, a man disrupted the senator by screaming, yelling, and flailing his arms. The man moved his way down the aisle yelling, "Why don’t you answer my questions, I have been waiting and listening to you speak in circles for the last two hours." "These officers are going to arrest me". The man was screaming and yelling obscenities until Senator Kerry told him to calm down and that he would take his question, but he needed to calm down. At that point, the man stated, "You will take my question because I have been listening to your crap for two hours"

DebbieD attacked Nicole's statement with this:
Mallo says that this all happened before Meyer even asked a single question. Good work, Officer-Just-Covering-My-Ass. The cameras were rolling; your little ‘report’ was completely made up!

What DebbieD either doesn't know or knows and doesn't care about is that the incident involving Andrew Meyer began long before the cameras began filming. That's been stated not just by the officers but by many of those who witnessed the altercation. The quote she pulled from Nicole Mallo's statement is in fact what happened prior to the time the filming began. Therefore, DebbieD's statement is unfounded and untrue.

So much for her theory that the police report is a lie.


  1. Anonymous9/20/2007

    Jess, DebbieD, like many others, will have an opinion and the means to express it. Truth and logic will not stand in the way of their self-expression. DebbieD's statements are not based in fact, and are defamatory. They may even be sufficient for a slander/libel lawsuit. That just goes to show you how brilliant DebbieD really is and how important the truth is in her world. ~RQ

  2. I'm always out of step, aren't I? Here's a Tasering incident that I didn't get too wound up about, and there is this huge fight. But the ones where guys' testicles get fried and I get pissed off don't seem to generate anything. What's up with that?

  3. Anonymous9/20/2007

    There were PROFESSIONAL camera crews taping the event. (Visible in the amateur videos of the melee seen on youtube.) They would have evidence of the audio as well and might either substantiate Mallo's story or not. But a fact that seems to be agreed to is that Kerry agreed to answer Meyer's questions. So everything that Meyer did in order to have his question asked and answered really doesn't matter once the SENATOR (most important person in the room at the time) says he will answer the question. Hope Mallo enjoys her paid time off. She may get sacked. And why do Kampus Kops carry guns and tasers in the first place. Seems like a bad idea.

  4. Anonymous9/20/2007

    Figures the idiot above would have spelling problems....
    HEY IDIOT...that officer was there to protect and serve...
    Don't think your butt was even there
    so....... until you can open your trap and write something logical GO HUG A DAMN TREE...
    Kampus Kops as you wisely write are REEEEEEALLY REAL cops....
    the only bad idea is the sack o nuts you call a brain

  5. Kerry agreed to answer Meyers question...SINGULAR, NOT PLURAL!

    But he did so ONLY after Meyer made a ruckus and pitched a fit about listening to Kerry for two hours and not being able to have HIS say.

    The Senator was gracious enough to answer his question but Meyer wasn't posing a question, he was going on and on and on wasting time trying to get his ten seconds of fame.

    Well he got it alright.

    And actually Ms. Mallo is getting some rest and relaxation during her time off--thanks for being so concerned :)

  6. Anonymous9/21/2007

    No spelling errors in my earlier post. Kampus Kops was a reference to Keystone Kops which is what the overly-armed campus security police look like in the videos.