Monday, September 10, 2007

They should ask me.

Sure, we have big bosses and administrators to run the institution and tell us how it's supposed to be done. They get paid big bucks for this. I just wonder if they get any input from the working folks and if so, who they're talking to because they're not talking to me.

If they were talking to me about how to save money, this is what I'd tell them:

1) Terminate every single person on campus who consistenly performs at a below exceeds on their annual evaluation.

2) Reduce the number of supervisors in physical plant.

3) Require recycling bins for plastic and cans in every building. Increase the number of paper recycling bins in each building.

4) Require the custodial staff to actually throw the recycle box materials into the recycle bins and not their trash bags.

5) Reduce the number of vehicles used by the physical plant.

6) Insulate the older buildings properly and replace the large windows facing high-sun areas with thicker insulated and tinted windows.

7) Actually FIX the problems with the A/C in the older buildings so that one half of the building isn't 70 degrees and the other half 80.

8) Install motion lights in ALL offices and in ALL classrooms. Set the timing in the classrooms for 50 minutes which is the length of time for classes in fall and spring.

9) Allow departments to go to an optional 10-hour a day, four day workweek during summer semester when daylight is longer and the institution isn't as busy.

10) Conduct a university-wide poll of staff only with suggestions for saving $$.

11) Consider job-sharing in some departments.

12) Hike tuition slightly. Even with a slight tuition hike, still among the most affordable in the nation.

13) Xeriscaping in high-sun areas.

14) Prevent departments from spending money on high-ticket items they don't need at the end of the year just so they can use up the money.

15) Allow departments to purchase desktop and floor fans for their offices.

16) Auction off that warehouse full of decade-old surplus shit they've been storing.

That's all I got in me right now.


  1. OK, you're hired!

    There is a huge void of common sense in the world today.

  2. Anonymous9/11/2007

    Doesn't it seem like as soon as a person is put in a supervisory role they becoming a blithering idiot. I guess I'd rather stay down and intelligent;-)ST