Saturday, September 08, 2007

This and that...

There's not much exciting to report from the worldfront today so I thought I'd share some info from the homefront instead. I mean wouldn't you rather hear about my exciting life over any of that other shit anyway?

Friday was an interesting day, I got a lot done at work though I am not sure why. Nobody needed me on Friday so I guess that's good. I'd been silently begging all week "please God just give me one day where nobody needs a problem solved" and well just like that it happened. I spent the day making some new files, sorting, organizing, answering old email and just catching up. I also tossed a bunch of stuff. I love tossing stuff. I don't think I know anyone who loves to throw stuff away more than me. I can't think if I'm not organized and I can't be organized if there's crap everywere. So I have three piles: the for sure keep, the not so sure and the definitely not keep and it works. Although sometimes the not so sure winds up sitting there for months. I walk by it wondering what I should do with it. Eventually I wind up tossing it. I mean hell if you can walk by it for months and not need anything in it, that's a sign right?

DH is still working on the bookcases he built me. It's kinda funny--I asked him to build one bookcase, he gives me four. It's like the time I asked him to make me a simple box for my onions and potatoes, it wound up being a three-car garage. It now holds stuff though I don't know what--probably stuff from the not so sure pile. But really the bookcases are awesome, they are over 6 feet tall, solid wood, stained golden oak and sturdy. I'm so excited to have REAL bookcases and not that pressed wood crap you get at Wally World.

We have this futon, we bought it as our first piece of furniture when we got married and moved into our former place--the little cottage in the woods. Well we were going to give it to a student of mine but a piece broke underneath and we didn't want to give it to him that way. So we're keeping it, maybe DH can weld the piece on. In the meantime we moved it out of the living room and into the third bedroom which serves as a craft room where I work on my crafts and DH works on his models. Actually the futon looks great in there, it looks like a spare bedroom is supposed to look LOL.

Having the futon out of the living room really opened it up. We have the two recliners, one of the nice bookcases, and the old rocker mom and dad gave us and of course the entertainment center. There's nothing in front of the two windows now which is nice and as soon as the weather gets cooler we'll be able to open the windows. Well at least one will open, there's still something wrong with the other one and if you open it you can't get it closed all the way.

I wrote an analysis this weekend of Joaquin Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez, Second Movement. I wondered if I could pull it off, I mean while I love classical music, I've certainly never analyzed it before. But amazingly after listening to the piece more than a dozen times and studying it by really listening, I was able to write a piece about it. When Joaquin Rodrigo wrote the second movement, he was enduring harsh times in his life. He suffered an illness due to an eye abscess (he was already blind since he was a boy), his wife suffered a miscarriage and they were very poor. After listening to the piece over and over again, I realized that I could apply the five stages of grief to the music. I did it and it worked! After I posted it, I was worried I didn't hit what the professor wanted us to hit on but I did. One of my classmates remarked how thorough and awesome it was and my professor thought it was excellent! I earned not just the full points for the assignment but an extra point! I love when professors reward excellent work by awarding more points than the maximum. That happens to me in courses where writing is involved either in the WebCT discussion posts or in the submitted papers. I really cared about what I wrote in this assignment because I wanted to prove to myself that I understood the assignment. It's like in one of my former English comp courses, we studied poetry and I didn't think I'd like poetry but as it turns out it was fun. It was interesting reading over and over and understanding the background of the poet and the current events at the time, it helped me understand the WHY behind the poetry. It became fun analyzing to find the hidden and sometimes not so hidden meaning. The same goes for music.

And so I'm happy, I'm actually understanding the meaning behind the music.

Good job Jess :)

And so....that's it for Saturday.

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  1. Anonymous9/10/2007

    My kids have always believed that I am the world's biggest tosser. Shall we have a competition ;)

    I work on the 3 pile system too and usually end up tossing the middle pile for the same reason. That is just too funny!

    I can't even shop clearance racks if I have to dig. The clutter is just too much to bear. Shopping is suppose to be therapy-not cause me to need therapy.--ST