Sunday, September 23, 2007

This week's craziest dream yet...

Just remember you read it here first...

Sis and me rode in the back of the pickup truck while mom, dad and a guy I used to work with are in the frontseat driving to a hardware store. I had to be in a wedding that day and was anxious to get back home so I'd have time to pack.

Sis wanted to go swimming and dad wouldn't let her.

While mom and dad were in the store, sis asked my former coworker who was in the front seat of the truck if she could have her bathing suit. He gave it to her.

Sis puts it on and the shirt she has on over it has a mock turtleneck collar so as not to see any straps. Dad comes out of the store with mom, all that time in there, at least four hours and they brought a few shovels and that's it. Dad asked sis if she had her bathing suit on and she pulled her mock collar away and you could see the black strap. That was when dad banned her and told her to leave and never come back home.

Sis left, I don't know where she went but I missed her terribly, it seemed like much time had passed though it could only have been a few hours. I couldn't remember if she had a cell phone, it seemed fuzzy in my head, finally I heard from her, she was in Washington State--Seattle to be exact and she was working, got a job that day. She sounded good. I missed her though. She said she was working at a University there, one of the branch campuses.

I wound up getting to the wedding I needed to go to. As I recall I was now in Washington DC, staying at an apartment I had there, which was part of a much larger complex which had stores, fast food restaurants and other facilities built in there.

I was dressed in this beautiful bridesmaid gown, long and full, and I was at this place and kept opening doors to what I thought were the rooms where the wedding would be held but inadvertently walked in on a wedding in progress. I kept searching, till I finally came to another door and opened it, it was the opening to a stadium .That's where the wedding would be. I see the bride walking from the middle of the field and she was not in a dress like the rest of us, she was one of my students, and she was wearing black jeans an a black shirt and boots. Her husband (who I also know in real life) was not her husband in the dream. They were both hispanic (as they are in real life) and there were other couples behind them. The wedding was conducted in spanish. I was standing with the other bridesmaids up in the stands, way up in the nosebleed section. After the wedding, I knew I hadn't had my photo taken earlier so I decided to have some wedding photos taken then. The sister of an old high school classmate (in real life) was in the dream as a bridesmaid and so was one of my real life grad students, a rather intelligent and nice looking, very nice young man I'll refer to as "N". Well N and me and the other bridesmaid were taking photos together up in the stands. We had a blast laughing and all. I remember telling the other bridesmaid and my student/friend that I wanted to share with them the terrible story about my sister and dad getting into a fight but we figured we'd talk about it later. I am not sure where my real life friend's sister went but N figured prominently in the dream.

We went back our separate apartments. I was in my room to decide whether or not to wear the bridesmaid dress when "N" who was my friend in the dream, and I went out to party with our friends or change. Suddenly I heard an explosion. Now it's been a long day today and I don't know if I can remember specifics but I recall part of the roof coming off and I could see planes aiming for specific people on the street and also for our floor but not anywhere else. Except for our building being bombed it was business as usual in DC. I hid in my room because the enemy was searching rooms, he did not see me. I was under the bed. I had my address book and was desperately searching for my male friend's phone number from my list of student phone numbers I had. I kept calling "N" by the name "Warren" but his name wasn't Warren, it was N-----.

Anyway, this lady came up to me wanting my camera but I wanted to keep the film. She wanted to use the camera to bargain in case she was captured. I stopped long enough to take the film out and gave the camera to her. Then I proceeded to run down to N's room to see if he could help me. It seemed like a mile long run, but I got there, the number over his door was "170" and inside seemed to be what was left of a mini McDonald's restaurant, one that wouldn't have any booths, just a "walk by". There was a lady covered in a blanket in there, but N came out to help me, he was my friend, making sure I was ok. We ran back down to my end of the hall and bombs were dropping, it was awful.

N kept running back to his apartment to check on this girl. Later on I am down there and I say "are you going to marry this girl" and he said "I was" and I was shocked. But I think she was dead so he couldn't marry her anyway. We kept trying to help each other and the others try and survive this terrible thing that was gonig on. Bombs kept dropping and only our building was getting hit. Finally I got some courage and helped some other people who needed it. I also helped arm them. There was a mall downstairs and I went down there and loaded up with an ice pick, a gold-bladed axe and other weapons. I passed out everything but the axe, keeping that for myself.

Eventually I woke up. I usually get up at 6 am on weekends but I did NOT want to wake up from this dream, I wanted to see it to its end but I woke up about 8 am. I am sure I've lost much of it between the time I relayed this dream to DH this morning and now but I am telling you there's something to it.

Good grief, this one may just beat the one I had last night, a recurring dream I've had that I was working with CSI Vegas and Gil put me on a desk job related to forensics because I was having a hard time conducting field investigations. The funny thing was we were using our real names. I was referring to Nick Stokes by his real name George Eads and I was referring to Sara Sidle as Jorja. George, Jorja and I were friends, they were really trying to help me pass the field qualifications but I was having a bit of a time understanding the science.

Ok getting back to last night's dream. What does it all mean?

My friends Ellie, Cody, Jenn, Susan, and Deb will be reading this and by this time must think I'm insane eh?

I can remember many of the dreams I've had this past two weeks, I should be writing them down. I wish I could figure them out.


  1. By reading what you wrote you can tell your mother and i had a real good time in the 60's. Love ya.

  2. Anonymous9/24/2007

    can i get some of what yer smokin toots?