Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who is in charge here?

Do we NOT have a Constitution? Does the rule of law just NOT apply whenever it's an INCONVENIENCE? Does anyone in our government know what in hell is going on here?

This article in the Washington Times is yet another prime example of the idiots in positions of power in this country and it's not just the career politicians anymore. The most recent assinine idea is the memo from Customs and Border Protection, El Paso Field Office Director Luis Garcia directing agents to limit inspections to decrease wait time at the border.

• If wait time is 45 minutes or less, officers are required to query all drivers and passengers older than 18 and ensure that the license plate is correct.

• If wait time is 45 to 60 minutes, customs officers are to query only the driver and 50 percent of the passengers. Also, the officers are not to conduct compartment checks and density-meter readings used to find contraband.

• If wait time is 60 to 120 minutes or more — the average wait at the numerous crossings — they are to query only the driver and ensure that the license plate is correct."

Well oh MY, it's just so terrible that people have to WAIT to legally cross the border into the US. And since that's an inconvenience, another government official has just made it easier to get in here!

Someone tell me why in hell do we even have border protection? Why in hell do we even have immigration policy? Heck, we don't need it, let's just make it simple for ourselves, save a fewbucks, fire the morons in charge and just hand the damn keys over to Mexico and every other country and say "welcome to America, have at it, do whatever the hell you want".

Every single person in America who works directly or indirectly to compromise the sovereignty and national security of this nation by attempting to circumvent the laws of the land should be prosecuted. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. No pathetic excuses, no pleading, no apologies. The law is clear and I for one can't understand the willydicking around that's been going on for so long.

Our government has a responsibility to protect this country's borders and its citizens and they are clearly NOT doing it. And if they're not doing it, they should be fired.

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  1. But, but, but... that wouldn't be nice, to make all those people wait.

    Hell, I'm an american soldier, I live here on a base, and I have to pull over for random security checks and let them search my vehicle. Even if I'm in uniform, especially when the car is full of groceries and I have to pee really bad, or if the kids are almost home from school...