Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You think this wasn't a publicity stunt?

Andrew Meyer already has tee shirts for sale--click here!

You believe this crap?

His facebook support page states:

In light of recent events, we have three demands to make of the UFPD:

1. Drop all charges against Andrew Meyer.

2. Immediately suspend the officers involved in his tasering, pending an independent investigation into their actions.

3. Because of the hundreds of deaths that have been attributed to their use, and because their very existence on an officers belt encourages their excessive use, tasers can not be standard issue police equipment on campus. This has become national news quite fast, so lets show them how UF students can stand up for one another and for our rights!

Gee-uh how about this?

How many of those alleged "hundreds" of people were tasered innocently while minding their own business? How many were on drugs? How many were intoxicated?

And oh yes, can we STOP referring to him as a kid? Andrew Meyer is 21 years old, he's an adult. He's old enough to smoke, drink, and vote. Bout damn time people start referring to him as an adult and not a kid. Although the use of the word "kid" invokes innocence and that just makes the evil cops look even more dastardly doesn't it? :D

As to these people who can't understand how five cops couldn't take one man down, try working in a prison or a jail for awhile and we'll see if you change your mind. A person can be VERY powerful when they don't want to cooperate and it can take more than one person to take them down. But of course since you all have law enforcement or military training you know that right? :)

As far as this thing being national news, let's face it, the American people are bored. The only reason this became national news is because there's a video of it. That's it. Otherwise nobody outside Gainesville would know--or care who Andrew Meyer is.

The same people who always protest this "injustice" generally despise police in the first place. Let's see, they don't want tasers because they injure and the police carrying them on their belt can cause excessive use. They don't want guns because they injure and merely carrying them can cause excessive use. They don't want nightsticks or maglights because they injure and merely carrying them can cause excessive use.

WTF do you people want?

If Andrew Meyer (or anyone else in that position) had been armed, if he tried to hurt someone and the police did nothing for fear of doing TOO much you all would be marching in protest, writing letters to the editor, blogging and pounding on the door of UPD that their police force is inadequate, that the officers involved should be suspended or fired, that an investigation should take place and that the University should be sued.

Maybe we should just take the ability to serve and protect from police and give it to you Meyer supporters since obviously you know so much more about how to apprehend unruly people. Maybe we should just get rid of the police force altogether and then those of us common sense folks can indulge in a little vigilantism and take care of the matters ourselves.

If you get your way, one of these days you're going to be in a situation where you want the police to intervene and keep some freak from hurting you or others and gee with any luck maybe the police will have the power to "shoo" the perp away with their hat eh?

Or is that too excessive for you?

Here's one for the books! Nicole, you go girl!!


  1. Anonymous9/19/2007

    I promise you there are MANY First Amendment lawyers jumping at the bit to represent Meyer and sue the University, the police department, AND your friend. And they should. Why? Because your friend TRAMPLED on the rights of that young man. Tasering a fellow American for asking a question of a elected representative. What has this country come to?! Your friend obviously thinks she is God- well she is about to find out differently. This is a story not because people are "bored". It is a story because people are OUTRAGED! I realize this is your friend so you probably are incapable of seeing clearly when it comes to this issue- but trust me, most Americans ARE NOT on the side of your friend. Most Americans think SHE is the one who belongs in jail.

  2. Gloria, Scott, and Damian (UF students)9/19/2007

    It's just like the gun issue. People get outraged and want guns banned because they are so dangerous. But you don't hear about all the incidences where guns have saved people's lives.

    This is no different. You don't hear about all the good things this officer or any of her fellow officers have done and they have done a lot of GOOD for the University community! All you hear about is one incident in which they tried to do their jobs and it didn't work out the way they had hoped.

  3. Anonymous9/19/2007


    I hate to say this, but you are missing the point. It became national news because the officers are being USED to make a point about the extreme left and opposition to the war (even though the two have no relation). I wish you would go to the Hardball with Chris Matthews website and look at his interview with Medea Benjamin on the 1st Amendment.

  4. I don't need to watch the interview with Medea Benjamin. He wasn't tasered for asking a question. He was tasered for being uncooperative and resisting officers attempts to subdue him.

    Andrew Meyer didn't get his rights trampled on. The ACCENT SPEAKERS BUREAU representative pulled the plug on the mike for good reason and frankly they had the right to do that because they were in charge of the event, they brought Mr. Kerry in to speak. Andrew Meyer was not sticking to the rules and also using inappropriate language. It was ACCENT's call to shut him up. Mr. Kerry was being generous to allow this guy to ask a question because BEFORE THE CAMERAS BEGAN ROLLING he was being rude and obnoxious and forcing himself to the head of the line. This guy doesn't take NO for an answer isn't it obvious?

    We need to be clear that UPD did NOT pull the plug on the mike.

    Check the blogs on the internet, check the letters to the editor. There are as many supporters of the police in this as there are of Meyer.

    See, you don't get it, and you won't because you don't want to. I don't want to create enemies here, seriously, what I want is for some people to try and see the other side. But some folks just hate the police and hate government so much they're willing to jump on them every chance they get.

    Are some police bad? Yes. Am I distrustful of government? Oh hell yeah.

    But these are good cops, they don't deserve the shit they're getting.

    Thanks for commenting even if we don't agree!

  5. Anonymous9/19/2007

    Sugar, your preaching to the choir here. You and I both are seeing this for what it really is. I am simply trying to tell you that what happened has resulted in a larger issue USING this for their own agenda. So, you can say I don't understand, but I think I have a good handle on it.

  6. Anonymous9/19/2007

    I feel sorry for your friend; she was put in a difficult situation. She was ordered to tazer Meyer by Mr. King (his tazer did not work) so if she refused she probably would be fired -- and now she is being investigated. Very unfair.

    I agree with everything you said about Meyer -- but none of those things you listed are a crime. I agree that he should have been thrown out -- but he should not have been arrested. Acting like a complete jerk is not a crime.

  7. Hundreds of deaths from tasers? I must have missed that epidemic. It's obvious what this guy is up to. From news reports, he's got the history of this nonsense. He knew what he was doing. Fox News early morning show had on a senior student from the university this morning. She didn't know the officer had been suspended.

    From the clips I've seen, the questioning time was over. This guy asked multiple questions and rambled on like he wasn't able to string a concise sentence or two together. Kerry said he'd answer one of his questions. The guy was being led away by the officers, then decided to put the theatrics into motion. Started jerking away from the escorts, screaming, etc. So, it was staged and he's a loser.

    I don't know what I'd have done. He was taller and bigger than the female officer. The others were obviously giving her orders. She followed through.

    This wasn't a free speech issue. It's about civility. Civility isn't what this punk is about. His agenda was to embarrass Kerry, asking why he didn't push for Bush's impeachment, why he didn't contest the 2004 election results, was he a member of Skull and Bones like Bush?

  8. Sorry about that Wyatt, I apologize for misreading your comment! I thought you had also posted that nasty comment about suing the University and the police and the officer thinking she is God and all that...

    Ok when I get a chance I'll watch that clip from Hardball, how's that? :)

  9. This vaunted free speech hero is nothing but an attention whore, professional taunter, and camera monger. As a matter of fact he has hid own accomplice there with him for the sole purpose of video recording his words … and the subsequent actions against him.

    Once the cops made contact with Meyer, he began acting in a violent manner pushing the officers involved, including lifting one off the ground and screaming obscenities. Meyer was told on several occasions to comply with the officers and stop resisting, in which Meyer did not.

    Yet Meyer was laughing and being lighthearted in the car, his demeanor completely changed once the cameras were not in sight. Meyer did ask, at one point, if the cameras were going to be at the jail. Meyer stated, on the way to the jail, “I am not mad at you guys, you didn’t do anything wrong, you were just trying to do your job.” Quite a bit different from the “You can’t kill me”, “They are giving me to the government” and “They are going to kill me.” he was spouting while the cameras were rolling.

    Jessica, if your friend Officer Nicole Mallo ever needs to borrow my 9mm against this punk I'd be glad to loan it to her for free for as long as she needs it.

    By the way, does anyone know what book this loser was carrying during his diatribe?

  10. Anonymous9/19/2007

    No problem Jessica... I did not post the nasty comments. I can just see this for what it is. It's simply an error in judgment. And, the decision to tase this punk would not have had to have been made absent Meyer's own stupid actions.

    My thing, I hope your friend sees this to, is that people are piling on to use this for their own agendas. I believe that this has been inserted into the discussion on the war. Chris Matthews was on tv saying how can we be preaching about democracy in Iraq when we don't have it here. That Medea Benjamin, who I am no fan of, was on tv comparing the Capitol Police throwing her out of Congress for her group's disruptive behavior, to this situation.

    The implication in the media is that this incident represents a sort of domestic fascism that is on the rise and that the First Amendment has been silenced. I don't think that was the case, it was a quick decision that was made in error that is all. Nothing more....

    I think you say many intelligent things, but pay attention to see how different groups are USING this incident to support their points of view on the war, the Bush administration etc. It is amazing to me that this is going on, but it is entirely true...

  11. Hi again Wyatt, I hope you come back often even after this whole mess is done and over with.

    I do see your point about other groups using this to further your cause. I read it earlier but did not "see" it, does that make sense? Sometimes reading while relaxed makes things hit home! And I'd like to say I agree with you. Now I HAVE to watch that clip (you knew you'd get me to do it didn't ya?) LOL

  12. BTW Shamalama....I have to watch the video again to get the name of the book....I think John Kerry even said that he had it. Maybe he said that just to shut him up.

    Yeah uh like THAT worked eh?

  13. Nicole has been my best friend for over 15 years.
    She is one of the most decent,honest and most respectful people ive ever had the honor knowing.

    and this whole case is a load of crap.
    she puts her heart and soul into everything she does and she deserves better than this.