Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Andrew Meyer's fame comes at the expense of others...

This latest (click on the red) in the Gainesville Sun shows the videotape of Meyer's ride to jail and the taped telephone calls between he and his father during his first and second day in jail.

In the first audio telephone conversation, Meyer is laughing and his dad Joel speaks directly to the Alachua County Jail folks on tape that they should be careful not to use excessive force on his son and that "there should not be a hair on his head harmed" because all of this was on tape.

In the second audio, Meyer tells his dad that he wants the story out there. His dad has already talked to an investigative reporter. Meyer also asked his dad to email the author of the book he was holding at the event and gave his dad the author's website URL. He told his dad to tell the author that he "went to a John Kerry rally with his book and got tasered."

In the third audio Meyer tells his dad that he kept asking for water and nobody would give it to him and his father says he's going to mention that to the attorney.

But...he's lying. You see, towards the end of the video of his ride to jail (which he didn't know about), he thanks the officer for the water they gave him. Ooops!

During the course of the phone conversation, Meyer tells his father, "this is going to be good news for both of us". To which his father replies "We want an hear that guys? (talking to those listening) "We want an apology before this goes any further."

Meyer then complains about how long it took him to get a phone call and his father complains as well. Meyer also complains about his treatment at the jail stating that "everyone in this place thinks they're God".

In the fourth audio, Joel tells his son the news stations calling him for interviews. Joel Meyer also talks about the police having used excessive force, stating that the Judge will clear him after watching the video. Joel Meyer says, "Any costs are going to be tacked on to whatever else we're looking for".

To which his son replies "we'll take it out of their ass".

In the fifth audio Meyer talks to his mother who is on the verge of tears (can you blame her?). She asks if he's ok and he says "I'm happy that this happened actually." He says he's happy because it will bring to light some things that need to be brought to light.

Of course his mother isn't happy one bit! His mother asks "at your expense?"

Andrew replies like he doesn't understand, "at my expense?"

In other words, no mom, not at my expense. He already knew the exposure he would get, it would not be at his expense. This is after all, what he wanted!

He gets off with having to write three letters of apology, one to the President of the University, one to the University Community and one to the University Police Department, donate $150 to the American Cancer Society or do 10 hours of community service, and stay out of trouble for 18 months.

In the end, he got what he wanted---but at the expense of the two fine University police officers Nicole Mallo and Eddie King (not to mention law enforcement officers everywhere), the University, the community, and even his own family, especially his poor mother.

Andrew Meyer thinks it's ok to sacrifice others to get what you want. His father must be very proud.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Galveston School Board threatens to sue parent for speaking out against crappy school system!

Things are heating up in Galveston, Texas.

Sandra Tetley put together a website, the Galveston Alliance for Neighborhood Schools where she and other concerned parents and members of the community post their opinions about things going on in the Galveston School District. The School Board is not happy and has threatened to sue her.

According to this story in the Galveston County Times, the district's attorney David Feldman states that there are at least 16 libelous postings half of which were posted by Sandra Tetley and the other half by anonymous users. The district claims the postings on the site are legally offensive.

According to Sandra Tetley's research of the books, which are available to the public, the school paid the law firm of Henslee, Fowler and Hepworth $30,613.19 in one lump sum (check number 251656) for the work done so far which includes time spent monitoring the website.

I agree with the concerned parents who stated that the $30,000 could have been better used for education and not on monitoring a website and suing a woman for having an opinion. I could think of many things you could do with $30,000 that would help a school. How about you?

If Sandra Tetley says something about an individual that the individual feels is libelous, then that individual should take action. But remember, to prove a case of libel you have to prove malicious intent and I've read her site, she's angry about what's going on in the school system but she's not being intentionally malicious.

But for the school board as a whole to threaten to sue her because she has an opinion? That's ludicrous--and very poor judgment but considering the state of the school system, it doesn't surprise me those in charge of it lack good judgment.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Drink, drive, kill two people and get acquitted...

On November 26, 2004, Holly and Nancy Cummings, mother and daughter, were hit dead-on by Billy Nichols. Both women died as a result of their injuries. Billy Nichols, a successful local businessman and champion waterskier, had a blood alcohol level of .103. The legal limit is .08. The judge dismissed vehicular manslaughter charges and the jury recently found him not guilty of DUI manslaughter.

How can this be?

It's because Billy Nichols paid top money to a top defense lawyer and a top defense lawyer can hire top experts whose technical jargon for the purpose of confusing the average jury. And that's what happened. Amazingly enough, the jury bought the idea that Nichols had a gastric condition which miraculously caused Nichols blood alcohol level to spike at just the right moment---when he went off and then back on the road and hit the victims. Then of course add in the idea that he was tired and the road conditions were poor, and you have an acquittal.

The gastric issue is an interesting but absurd theory. It does exist but in this case it's hard to digest because the facts don't add up to the possibility that it could have happened, at least not to those of us who have followed the case even a little bit. It just seems farfetched. There's no evidence in Nichols's medical records that he suffers from such a condition. There's no evidence he had a big meal the night before (which can cause this so-called gastric thing to go into action), in fact Nichols himself had told the FHP officers on the scene that he hadn't eaten the night before yet at the trial he said he had.

What this is--is a travesty of justice. Which goes to show that money talks. If you have the money to hire the best lawyers and you parade a bunch of experts in front of an uneducated jury, this is what you get.

The people who voted to acquit Billy Nichols should only hope that next time he has his alleged gastric issues while driving, they're not anywhere in the vicinity.

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's times like these... thank God for what you have.

This story out of El Paso is heartbreaking.

Army Specialist John Johnson was injured in an IED explosion in Iraq and recuperating at an Army Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. His wife Lisa and three young children Tyler (9), Logan (2), and Ashley (5) were on their way to visit him when they were involved in an accident on the interstate, their SUV rolled and killed two of the children.

Logan was buckled into his car set but he died in the accident. Tyler and Ashley were ejected from the vehicle and Ashley also died. Tyler is in a coma and not expected to live. The mother survived but sustained injuries.

FirstLight Federal Credit Union in El Paso has opened a bank account to help the family and they've deposited $10,000 and encourages more donations. This family is facing huge medical and funeral expenses and other bills and needs all the help they can get. Donors can make contributions to the "Johnson Family Memorial Fund" by sending a check to any of the seven branches in El Paso or Las Cruces. There's more info at their website at or you can call 800-351-1670. Also, Bank of America established the "Ashley and Logan Johnson Memorial Fund." You can give at any Bank of America branch in the United States, just give the teller the exact name of the fund and note that it is "domiciled in Texas."

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Is your husband a weenie--that you had to stay home with him?"

....was the question asked to me by a coworker recently when I took two days off to be with DH because he didn't feel well., his head hurt constantly and he felt dizzy and discombobulated. Not knowing if he was coming down with something serious, I opted to stay home with him.

What got me about that question was that it came from someone who never seems to get herself to work on time and takes a whole lot of time off for everything from back pains to headaches.

Have I ever taken a "mental health day" or a day off sick just to get over a really bad sinus thing or a bad headache? Sure, I've done it and I'm not ashamed either. I work damn hard and I put a lot into my job and I've got plenty of sick leave and annual leave hours. So if anyone else wants to do the same....fine.

But don't give ME shit for taking care of myself or a member of my family especially when 1) I get my job done (and damn good I might add!) when I'm at work and 2) I don't give you shit about never getting to work on time or for taking off sick every few days because you have a headache or some other ailment.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

People helping people in San Diego wildfire emergency!

This CNN video brought tears to my eyes. Maybe it's because we hear so much ab0ut the nasty and hateful things going on in this country, we're not used to stories about people helping people and animals.

In a nutshell, thousands of people in the San Diego area have fled their home and sought refuge at QualComm stadium. Hundreds of volunteers across the state are at the stadium donating items and services for people and pets (including small pets and larger ones like goats and horses!) making sure that nobody goes without necessities.

Watch the video I posted, it will really make you feel good!!

What's going on in San Diego is a fine example of how it's supposed to work. When you see the images of people helping each other out, no looting or rioting, no complaining or whining about "where's the government?" and then you flash back to New Orleans and the pathetic display that took place there, all you can do is shrug your shoulders and ask "WTF?"

New Orleans and Mayor Nagin should learn something from this.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


DH and I went to see Evita last night and it was awesome. Cameron Leigh Wade and Philip Peterson portrayed Evita and Juan Peron. Fantastic music, great dancing and lots of memorable moments including Stephanie Barnum's solo. It was well worth the money and I couldn't stop humming the tunes in my head! I could tell this was Andrew Lloyd Webber's music--the guy is awesome.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Shame on Maine!

This story out of Maine is shocking.

Allowing school nurses at King Middle School to dispense birth control medication is just wrong and it's dangerous.Ahh--you may be saying "but they have to have parental permission".

Yes and no.

The students only need parental permission to be treated at the student health center, but state law mandates that the treatment is confidential and students may decide if they want to tell their parents about what treatment they receive.

One parent, Richard Verrier, was quoted in the piece as saying,

"Unfortunately, not every child is getting the kind of parental involvement that is going to help keep them safe. If my daughter were not able to talk with me about something, if she couldn't reach me for whatever reason, to keep her safe and healthy, I would want to make sure she had access to those resources from trusted adults."

Really Mr. Verrier? You think someone else is better qualified to decide what's best for your daughter than you are?

There are many issues here, like the line being crossed by schools, the severe lack of parental responsibility, and the dangers facing these very young girls who are taking this medication.

It's shocking that so many parents actually think that if they don't know how to deal with the problem, they can just rely on the schools to solve it for them. It's one thing if your troubled teen has trouble talking to you about some things, at least they should have an adult like a teacher or counselor known and trusted by the parent, whom the student can talk to. After all it's important that if a young person approaches us with a problem, we try to offer responsible and moral advice. But it's a whole other thing when the responsibility of the non-parent turns into making major life decisions and dispensing dangerous medication to young people. That's where I draw the line.

Birth control prescriptions in the form of pills, patches, and injections can be dangerous even to some adult women, but for young girls in the early years of puberty, there are studies which clearly show that using hormonal contraceptives during puberty increases the risk of breast cancer up to six times the norm. There is evidence that synthetic estrogens and progestins in the pills are dangerous in that they deprive the body of hormones needed for proper growth and development. Use of the pill at such a young age can even lead to infertility.

Why would any parent want to put their daughter at risk? Why would any parent want to put this huge life-altering responsibility in the hands of their daughter who is not mature enough to handle making such a decision? Why would any parent want anyone other than themselves helping their daughter deal with an issue such as this?

It's all too simple these days for medical professionals to suggest popping a pill to solve a problem. As we all know this is a common problem among adults.

Please let's not do this to our children!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Michael Chertoff needs to step down...

This story out of the Washington Times with a shocking claim--a Mexican national named Amado Isidro Armendariz Amaya, who was infected with a highly contagious form of TB crossed our border 76 times this year and took multiple flights within the US. According to the story, Customs was warned on April 16th but Homeland Security didn't issue an alert until six weeks later.


The CDC reports that the airlines are only notified if the infected person was on a flight for eight hours or more! How would you feel if you just found out he was sitting next to you on one of those flights?

It's time to clean house in Homeland Security. We've all had enough of this crap. It's apparent DHS can't seem to get it's shit together. They can't even communicate with other government agencies, we expect them to be in charge of keeping our country safe?


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

California should spend more time actually educating...

Governor Schwarzenegger just signed SB 777, part of which states:

Existing law states that it is the policy of the state to afford equal rights and opportunities to all persons in the public or private elementary and secondary schools and post secondaryeducational institutions of the state regardless of their sex, ethnic group identification, race, national origin, religion, or mental or physical disability and prohibits a person from being subjected to discrimination on those bases. Existing law prohibits a teacher from giving instruction, and a school district from sponsoring any activity, that reflects adversely upon persons because of their race, sex, color, creed, handicap,national origin, or ancestry.

Existing law prohibits the State Board of Education and the governing board of a school district from adopting for use in thepublic schools any instructional materials that reflect adverselyupon persons because of their race, sex, color, creed, handicap,national origin, or ancestry.

This bill would revise the list of prohibited bases of discrimination and the kinds of prohibited instruction, activities, and instructional materials and instead, would refer to disability, gender, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic contained in the definition of hate crimes that is contained in the Penal Code. The bill would define disability, gender, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation for this purpose.

Folks in CA are wondering what's next. This bill clearly prevents discrimination for just about anything. Do you think this bill allows boys to use girls restrooms and vice versa? Should a boy who is gay be allowed to use a girl's restroom just because the school has no right to discriminate against him because of his sexual orientation? Will it be illegal for a teacher to mention "husband and wife" in a discussion for fear it will offend those who have two daddies or two mommies? Is it wrong to refer to someone as disabled? Handicapped? Asian? Black? White? Hispanic? Tall? Short? Fat? Thin? Will boys be allowed to join the girls volleyball team and girls join the boys basketball team? Will boys and girls be allowed to share bathrooms? Locker Rooms?

Schools are for education, not for social and cultural indoctrination. If the schools spent as much educating students as they did worrying about offending someone, the state would be in better shape.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Senseless killing of 844 pound Mako shark is appalling!!

This latest story out of Destin Florida.

Six fisherman were in the Destin Fishing Rodeo tournament and caught a Mako shark weighing over 800 pounds. They killed it.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

The man with one white shoe...

A few days ago I told you about a trash bag disappearing from our back porch.

Well, now a shoe has disappeared!

DH washed and waxed the car Saturday and because his brand new Nikes had mud on the bottom I asked him to leave them on the porch. Well he did and we forgot about them. Sunday morning I walked outside to do something and upon walking back into the house I noticed only one shoe was there. The other was nowhere to be found.

Last night before it got dark I put flour all around the shoe. Last night I got up a few times to check---nothing. This morning there are little paw prints but the shoe is there. Looks like dog prints...and I betcha I know which doggie!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dedicated to adult childen everywhere...

"It doesn't matter what your parents want Rose, you're never going to make them happy. They're just going to nag you and nag you until you want to grab their throats and choke them but you don't because you're in a hospital with rescuscitating equipment!"

.....Dorothy, Golden Girls Season 6

Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore winning the Nobel is as bad as Michael Moore winning an Oscar!

Definition of the Nobel Prize:

"to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses".

Hmm and that applies to Al Gore --how?

Al Gore's controversial "inconvenient truth" is about as deserving of that as Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 was of an Oscar. Pure overdramatics, sensationalizing, speculation and hype----but no substance.

For every claim of global warming there's an equal claim disputing it. We've only been charting the global temperatures for a little over a century. The earth has been around for billions of years. I have a hard time believing that glaciers have never melted, that ocean levels have never risen, that hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, tornadoes and other natural disasters have never devastated the lands.

What? The earth was perfect for billions of years till the age of industry just over 100 years ago?

Is the environment being harmed? Yes and in many ways. However, I do not believe that 100 years of industry has led us to the overdramatized-it's-the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know it status Al Gore would have us believe.

What I'm waiting for is when "going green" really becomes the "in" thing and Al Gore and his political cronies have control over the entire green market.

I guess then we'll finally know what's in it for them.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The results of bad parenting and a crappy school system...

Fourteen year old Dillon Cossey of Norristown, PA was arrested for planning a Columbine-style assault on his classmates.

Reports state that his parents had removed him from school and decided to educate him at home due to excessive bullying because he was overweight. According to reports, police found "30 air-powered guns, swords, knives, a bomb-making book, videos of the 1999 Columbine attack in Colorado and violence-filled notebooks in the boy's bedroom" . The mother purchased some of the firearms for her son.

Here's a 14-year old who is picked on so bad his parents have to pull him out of school and he feels so lost and unwanted that he feels he must kill others and perhaps even take his own life. This kid was failed by his parents and the school system.

First, his parents had a responsibility to support and encourage him in POSITIVE ways to help him get through his troubled times. Second, the school had a responsibility to put an end to the bullying. If bullying becomes so excessive that parents have to take their child out of school, then you would think the school administration would take some sort of disciplinary action against the perps. Schools are responsible for ensuring a safe learning environment for ALL students.

Authorities are considering trying this teen as an adult. What a shame. I am glad nobody was injured or killed but this kid doesn't need jail time he needs serious counseling. Sending him to prison would likely get him killed. He needs help, he needs to be permanently removed from his parents home and placed with people who will care about his needs, support and encourage him and be good role models. This kid is young enough that with the proper support, counseling and guidance, he can be saved but if he goes to prison he'll be dead.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

RIP Luther, Fatty, Wufer, Mister Luthor, Little Buddha...

This morning my sister's beloved thirteen year old kitty kat named Luther passed away.

About a week ago he stopped eating regularly and wasn't himself and it was determined there was fluid in his belly and he might have to have one kidney removed because it was full of stones. This morning during surgery his vet found cancer--all over.

Sis had to make that awful choice. While he was sedated and dreaming about his younger kitty kat days running and jumping and playing, Mister Luthor was given a shot to relieve his pain forever.

Now he can run, jump, eat, and play all he wants and he'll never hurt again.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hey...someone stole my trash!

DH and I arrived home from work about 4:15 p.m. yesterday afternoon. Because he had school that evening I immediately began cooking dinner. After he left, I took the garbage out and set the bag on the back porch. I hated walking out to the pole barn to dump the trash so I was hoping DH wouldn't mind doing it either when he got home that evening or when we left for work the next morning. At about 6:45-7:00 I cleaned the kitty litter box in the kitchen and took it outside to the special sealed kitty litter garbage pail we keep on the back porch. As I walked out there I thought I would take the garbage bag and stuff it into the kitty litter garbage pail so that no animals would get into it overnight, after all we live in the woods and any number of critters would love to have at that bag.

But my plans were thwarted when to my surprise when I walked out to the porch, the full-size garbage bag which had been placed on the porch, under the window, was gone. Only a small stain was left where something had leaked. I was puzzled and kept thinking that maybe DH came back to pick up his welding gloves and then left again for school but then I remembered he'd gotten his new welding gloves out of his shop as soon as we came home. Besides if he came back, he'd come in and let me know. But for lack of a better answer I just figured he did it.

I went back into the house, locked the bottom lock on the door, left the blinds slightly open because it wasn't dark yet, and I proceeded to go into the office to study.

When DH returned home from school at about 10 pm I asked him about the trash and he said he hadn't taken it out. I thought for sure he was playing a joke and that maybe I'd taken it out before he left and not afterwards like I'd originally thought. I tried to make him laugh--you know laughing with him for the purpose of getting it out of him. No dice. He laughed but figured I'd been wrapped up so much that evening on the phone with my sister (her kitty kat was badly in need of surgery and DH and I were helping her out) that maybe I was upset and didn't even remember putting the trash in the can.

I would remember because I hate doing it and I had never put on my shoes that evening, I walked around the house in my fuzzy new lavender colored birthday slippers! I wouldn't dare wear those outside!

On the way to work Tuesday morning, DH and I discussed the matter again, something didn't set right with us. Where was our trash? Granted, I'm not a big fan of trash but still it was there and then it wasn't so something had to take it. Nearly halfway to work DH told me to turn the car around that we were going home. Something didn't set right with us, and if someone was casing our house we needed to be a step ahead of them. We went home and of course argued on the way home because DH thought that I had just forgotten I'd taken it out and that now we had to go home and waste a perfectly good work day, and I was yelling at him for not believing me. I mean HELLO how did I know he didn't do it and forget? He's the one who has to check the back door ten times to be sure it's locked before he can go to sleep at night. He's the one who can't remember if he unplugged the coffee pot. Anyway when we got back home about 7 am, we went outside and searched around the house, through the woods behind us, and on either side. We searched the acres of woods next to us and we walked down the grated dead end road in front of our house. There was NO and I mean absolutely NO sign of our trash.

My dad was trying to offer solutions. He asked if a dog could have walked away with it. I thought that was a silly question but he said one time he was driving down the road and saw a dog as big as BuddyBean (their 90 lb golden retriever) trotting down the road with a trash bag. Ok our trash bag weighed maybe 15-20 pounds at the most. No way. No way a dog could have gotten up on the porch and picked it up and walked away. Any good dog would have torn into that thing because of the few but stinky leftovers in it. Hell, any good wild animal would have done that.

Our trash bag never turned up. Now the theory of Achem's razor is that the simplest explanation tends to be the right one. Ok so let's explore the possibilities here:

1) My dog ate it. Oh wait I don't have a dog. Someone else's dog ate it.


2) Wild animals thought "ooh let's play a joke on some stupid fool!" and carried it off. Not likely--the bag would have been too heavy!

3) Someone stole it.

4) Aliens abducted it.

I'm going with door #3 although I must say that I firmly believe that aliens would likely abduct available trash so as to analyze the habits of potential abductees. But for the record and so the people I know don't think I'm more insane than they already konw me to be, I'm just going to stick with the idea that someone stole it.

Of course does anyone know where Sandy Berger was Monday night?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Bureaucracy sucks...

I really hate it when people in positions of power think they can do things better than the people who actually do the work.

I say that if you can't do it any better than those who do it for you, shut the f*ck up.

Thank you. Now go have a nice day!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

No surprise here...

Recently Earl Antonio Joiner, a UF Gator safety was arrested for breaking into Stan's towing to retrieve his girlfriend's car. The police hauled his ass off to jail and rightly so.

After all hell broke loose, Stan came out publicly and said that Joiner had made an agreement to get the car out and that the gate had been left open for him.

Why didn't Stan tell the employees on duty? Nobody knew of the alleged agreement until after the arrest was in all the papers.

The State's Attorney dropped the charges after they determined it must have been a miscommunication and the guy did nothing wrong. Joiner was reinstated to the team and allowed to play but did not regain his position as captain.

Many people, including me, are left wondering how much influence his status as a football player had on Stan dropping charges. All along I have felt that it is likely the guy did attempt to steal the car and I also felt that Stan dropped charges because he knew the Gator nation fanatics would have a fit. (and he was right, they did!)

So fast forward to today's Sunday paper. There's an article in it where Stan comes out and state he received nearly 200 phone calls with death threats because of the Joiner incident. Also, some people even said they would pay the $76 tow fee if Stan would drop the charges.

Well gee, what a surprise!

Jazz rocks!

DH and I went to see the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, they were fabulous!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to me...

Well yesterday anyway.

Not sure what 38 is supposed to feel like but for 38 I think I feel pretty good. When my parents were 38, I thought it was old, when my teachers in high school were 38 I thought they were old. Now I'm 38 and I don't feel old, not like I thought it would feel.

Good for me!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's a very dangerous day in America...

...when the local, state, and federal government begins slowly but surely etching away at free speech. It's happening all over, most of the time you don't even hear about it. Recently two cases come to mind....

A few months ago, hordes of immigrants or so-called immigrants marched in front of the station where Michael Savage broadcasts his radio program. San Francisco Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval and others demanded that Michael Savage be taken off the air. Meanwhile the Board of Supervisors attempted to adopt a resolution condemning talk show host Michael Savage because of his alleged anti-immigrant remarks. And believe me they are ALLEGED only because there's NO basis to the claims. What he said was NOT anti-immigrant, it wasn't even inflammatory. I heard the remarks live and I know that for a fact. Only ONE person on the Board of Supervisors prevented the resolution from being passed, that's Ed Jew, a third generation American, whose father emigrated here some 70 years ago to SF and opened a flower shop. Mr. Ed Jew is a hardworking American and contributor to his community.

Recently Mr. Jew was pulled from his position by the mayor of San Francisco (for alleged fraud-what really happened is that Mr. Jew took some leave time to be with his wife who had breast cancer and a double mastectomy and they stayed at his mother in law's house just south of the city while she recovered--meaning he was living out of district while in office) and with no dissent, the Board again put the vote on the table and this time it was unanimous--the condeming of Michael Savage was done. Gerardo Sandoval in his position as Supervisor with the assistance and backing of the city and the mayor, officially succeeded in condemning a citizen's right to free speech.

Yesterday, over 50 Democrat senators signed a letter to Clear Channel demanding that Rush Limbaugh's "phony soldier" comments be repudiated. I'm not going to go into his comments here but I heard them, I've read them, you canand I know that he was not condemning our troops, he was in fact condemning the phony soldiers like MacBeth who said he was a former soldier, came out against the war, claimed the soldiers were doing all sorts of ghastly things, and then was exposed for the fraud he is--he never even finished bootcamp and was let go.

Not only is our Congress hard at work condemning a man for saying something he never said--calling our anti-war veterans phony soldiers--but they are condemning his free speech. Congress is jumping all over this but still they can't balance a budget, still they can't do something about the asinine overtaxation of the American people, they can't even do anything about illegal immigration.

But they can condemn a man's free speech? They can condemn him for something he didn't even say? They can work to get his show thrown off Voice of America?

No, they're not creating a law infringing upon Limbaugh's right to free speech, but their attempts to get him

Even Hillary Clinton is in on it. She said recently gave a speech to the YearlyKos convention in Chicago mentioning the blogosphere:

"We are certainly better prepared and more focused on, you know, taking our arguments, and making them effective, and disseminating them widely, and really putting together a network, uh, in the blogosphere, in a lot of the new progressive infrastructure, institutions that I helped to start and support like Media Matters and Center for American Progress."

And so it's no surprise that Media Matters, started by Hillary and funded by George Soros is behind the attack on Rush Limbaugh.

Whether you like Savage or Limbaugh isn't the issue. The real issue, the only issue here is our government officials attempts to silence free speech. That's all there is to it folks.

You may not like conservative talk radio--or independent or liberal talk radio for that matter but if you want to keep your own free speech, you need to protect the free speech of others, especially those who disagree with your views. You can't possibly in good conscience think it's ok for the government---at any level---to spend ONE minute of time condemning ANY American citizen's right to free speech.

If you do, you don't belong in this country.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

So much for standards...

Something to ponder...

How does a young man who earns average grades in high school, does poorly on the SAT, barely passes remedial writing and reading at the community college level get admitted and offered an athletic scholarship from a major university?

How is the same student able to keep this scholarship and NCAA certification while at the same time he's unable to earn a passing math score on the CLAST, barely gets by in the easiest (and I do mean easiest) of college courses and has just barely an overall 2.0 gpa at the university level...

It's called NCAA standards.

Monday, October 01, 2007

President Michael Savage?

For what seems an eternity Mike Savage keeps saying he's pondering leaving radio to run for President. Because 20 million people responded on his website in favor of him running for President, he thinks he's Presidential material. Now I'd like to know how the site is counting hits and if the 20 million votes are from unique visitors or every visitor to the page. I just can't imagine 20 million Americans think he should run for President. Of course if you look at what we've got running now, I suppose anything is an improvement eh?

Mike is a very educated, highly intelligent man and he tackles issues near and dear to my heart but frankly most days he's just so friggin' annoying. For me it's a love-hate relationship with the Savage Nation. Sometimes I love the guy, sometimes I hate him. I love him when he attacks the issues of illegal immigration, taxation without representation, socialists and leftists, corrupt politicians and Hollywood hype. I agreed with him he came out against the corrupt prosecutor who tried to frame the accused Duke rapists, I agreed with him when he called for the resignation of several corrupt politicians, I agreed with him on the issues of the soldiers unjustly accused in the alleged Haditha incidents, I backed him when the city of San Francisco attempted to silence him and throw him off the air. Oh goodness I've agreed with him and backed him in a wide variety of issues.

But I hated him when he started a very public character assassination campaign against my good friend Nicole, the bright and very competent police officer who tasered a jackass recently. That on-air slander of her was just too much for me.

I've been a faithful listener of the Savage Nation for nearly ten years now and no, I'm not ashamed, why should I be? I am thankful to live in a country where I can listen to intellects and asshats without government intervention.

So, while Mikey ponders running for President I have one thing left to say to him: