Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Andrew Meyer's fame comes at the expense of others...

This latest (click on the red) in the Gainesville Sun shows the videotape of Meyer's ride to jail and the taped telephone calls between he and his father during his first and second day in jail.

In the first audio telephone conversation, Meyer is laughing and his dad Joel speaks directly to the Alachua County Jail folks on tape that they should be careful not to use excessive force on his son and that "there should not be a hair on his head harmed" because all of this was on tape.

In the second audio, Meyer tells his dad that he wants the story out there. His dad has already talked to an investigative reporter. Meyer also asked his dad to email the author of the book he was holding at the event and gave his dad the author's website URL. He told his dad to tell the author that he "went to a John Kerry rally with his book and got tasered."

In the third audio Meyer tells his dad that he kept asking for water and nobody would give it to him and his father says he's going to mention that to the attorney.

But...he's lying. You see, towards the end of the video of his ride to jail (which he didn't know about), he thanks the officer for the water they gave him. Ooops!

During the course of the phone conversation, Meyer tells his father, "this is going to be good news for both of us". To which his father replies "We want an hear that guys? (talking to those listening) "We want an apology before this goes any further."

Meyer then complains about how long it took him to get a phone call and his father complains as well. Meyer also complains about his treatment at the jail stating that "everyone in this place thinks they're God".

In the fourth audio, Joel tells his son the news stations calling him for interviews. Joel Meyer also talks about the police having used excessive force, stating that the Judge will clear him after watching the video. Joel Meyer says, "Any costs are going to be tacked on to whatever else we're looking for".

To which his son replies "we'll take it out of their ass".

In the fifth audio Meyer talks to his mother who is on the verge of tears (can you blame her?). She asks if he's ok and he says "I'm happy that this happened actually." He says he's happy because it will bring to light some things that need to be brought to light.

Of course his mother isn't happy one bit! His mother asks "at your expense?"

Andrew replies like he doesn't understand, "at my expense?"

In other words, no mom, not at my expense. He already knew the exposure he would get, it would not be at his expense. This is after all, what he wanted!

He gets off with having to write three letters of apology, one to the President of the University, one to the University Community and one to the University Police Department, donate $150 to the American Cancer Society or do 10 hours of community service, and stay out of trouble for 18 months.

In the end, he got what he wanted---but at the expense of the two fine University police officers Nicole Mallo and Eddie King (not to mention law enforcement officers everywhere), the University, the community, and even his own family, especially his poor mother.

Andrew Meyer thinks it's ok to sacrifice others to get what you want. His father must be very proud.

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  1. The ends justify the means. What a schmuck.