Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Galveston School Board threatens to sue parent for speaking out against crappy school system!

Things are heating up in Galveston, Texas.

Sandra Tetley put together a website, the Galveston Alliance for Neighborhood Schools where she and other concerned parents and members of the community post their opinions about things going on in the Galveston School District. The School Board is not happy and has threatened to sue her.

According to this story in the Galveston County Times, the district's attorney David Feldman states that there are at least 16 libelous postings half of which were posted by Sandra Tetley and the other half by anonymous users. The district claims the postings on the site are legally offensive.

According to Sandra Tetley's research of the books, which are available to the public, the school paid the law firm of Henslee, Fowler and Hepworth $30,613.19 in one lump sum (check number 251656) for the work done so far which includes time spent monitoring the website.

I agree with the concerned parents who stated that the $30,000 could have been better used for education and not on monitoring a website and suing a woman for having an opinion. I could think of many things you could do with $30,000 that would help a school. How about you?

If Sandra Tetley says something about an individual that the individual feels is libelous, then that individual should take action. But remember, to prove a case of libel you have to prove malicious intent and I've read her site, she's angry about what's going on in the school system but she's not being intentionally malicious.

But for the school board as a whole to threaten to sue her because she has an opinion? That's ludicrous--and very poor judgment but considering the state of the school system, it doesn't surprise me those in charge of it lack good judgment.

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