Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Is your husband a weenie--that you had to stay home with him?"

....was the question asked to me by a coworker recently when I took two days off to be with DH because he didn't feel well., his head hurt constantly and he felt dizzy and discombobulated. Not knowing if he was coming down with something serious, I opted to stay home with him.

What got me about that question was that it came from someone who never seems to get herself to work on time and takes a whole lot of time off for everything from back pains to headaches.

Have I ever taken a "mental health day" or a day off sick just to get over a really bad sinus thing or a bad headache? Sure, I've done it and I'm not ashamed either. I work damn hard and I put a lot into my job and I've got plenty of sick leave and annual leave hours. So if anyone else wants to do the same....fine.

But don't give ME shit for taking care of myself or a member of my family especially when 1) I get my job done (and damn good I might add!) when I'm at work and 2) I don't give you shit about never getting to work on time or for taking off sick every few days because you have a headache or some other ailment.

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