Friday, October 26, 2007

It's times like these... thank God for what you have.

This story out of El Paso is heartbreaking.

Army Specialist John Johnson was injured in an IED explosion in Iraq and recuperating at an Army Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. His wife Lisa and three young children Tyler (9), Logan (2), and Ashley (5) were on their way to visit him when they were involved in an accident on the interstate, their SUV rolled and killed two of the children.

Logan was buckled into his car set but he died in the accident. Tyler and Ashley were ejected from the vehicle and Ashley also died. Tyler is in a coma and not expected to live. The mother survived but sustained injuries.

FirstLight Federal Credit Union in El Paso has opened a bank account to help the family and they've deposited $10,000 and encourages more donations. This family is facing huge medical and funeral expenses and other bills and needs all the help they can get. Donors can make contributions to the "Johnson Family Memorial Fund" by sending a check to any of the seven branches in El Paso or Las Cruces. There's more info at their website at or you can call 800-351-1670. Also, Bank of America established the "Ashley and Logan Johnson Memorial Fund." You can give at any Bank of America branch in the United States, just give the teller the exact name of the fund and note that it is "domiciled in Texas."

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