Sunday, October 14, 2007

The man with one white shoe...

A few days ago I told you about a trash bag disappearing from our back porch.

Well, now a shoe has disappeared!

DH washed and waxed the car Saturday and because his brand new Nikes had mud on the bottom I asked him to leave them on the porch. Well he did and we forgot about them. Sunday morning I walked outside to do something and upon walking back into the house I noticed only one shoe was there. The other was nowhere to be found.

Last night before it got dark I put flour all around the shoe. Last night I got up a few times to check---nothing. This morning there are little paw prints but the shoe is there. Looks like dog prints...and I betcha I know which doggie!


  1. Yeah, I'm glad it's not mine lol

  2. Anonymous10/17/2007

    You should have been a detective.--ST