Monday, October 01, 2007

President Michael Savage?

For what seems an eternity Mike Savage keeps saying he's pondering leaving radio to run for President. Because 20 million people responded on his website in favor of him running for President, he thinks he's Presidential material. Now I'd like to know how the site is counting hits and if the 20 million votes are from unique visitors or every visitor to the page. I just can't imagine 20 million Americans think he should run for President. Of course if you look at what we've got running now, I suppose anything is an improvement eh?

Mike is a very educated, highly intelligent man and he tackles issues near and dear to my heart but frankly most days he's just so friggin' annoying. For me it's a love-hate relationship with the Savage Nation. Sometimes I love the guy, sometimes I hate him. I love him when he attacks the issues of illegal immigration, taxation without representation, socialists and leftists, corrupt politicians and Hollywood hype. I agreed with him he came out against the corrupt prosecutor who tried to frame the accused Duke rapists, I agreed with him when he called for the resignation of several corrupt politicians, I agreed with him on the issues of the soldiers unjustly accused in the alleged Haditha incidents, I backed him when the city of San Francisco attempted to silence him and throw him off the air. Oh goodness I've agreed with him and backed him in a wide variety of issues.

But I hated him when he started a very public character assassination campaign against my good friend Nicole, the bright and very competent police officer who tasered a jackass recently. That on-air slander of her was just too much for me.

I've been a faithful listener of the Savage Nation for nearly ten years now and no, I'm not ashamed, why should I be? I am thankful to live in a country where I can listen to intellects and asshats without government intervention.

So, while Mikey ponders running for President I have one thing left to say to him:

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  1. LOVE the Jesus sign! Savage is a loon.