Sunday, October 07, 2007

No surprise here...

Recently Earl Antonio Joiner, a UF Gator safety was arrested for breaking into Stan's towing to retrieve his girlfriend's car. The police hauled his ass off to jail and rightly so.

After all hell broke loose, Stan came out publicly and said that Joiner had made an agreement to get the car out and that the gate had been left open for him.

Why didn't Stan tell the employees on duty? Nobody knew of the alleged agreement until after the arrest was in all the papers.

The State's Attorney dropped the charges after they determined it must have been a miscommunication and the guy did nothing wrong. Joiner was reinstated to the team and allowed to play but did not regain his position as captain.

Many people, including me, are left wondering how much influence his status as a football player had on Stan dropping charges. All along I have felt that it is likely the guy did attempt to steal the car and I also felt that Stan dropped charges because he knew the Gator nation fanatics would have a fit. (and he was right, they did!)

So fast forward to today's Sunday paper. There's an article in it where Stan comes out and state he received nearly 200 phone calls with death threats because of the Joiner incident. Also, some people even said they would pay the $76 tow fee if Stan would drop the charges.

Well gee, what a surprise!

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