Thursday, October 11, 2007

The results of bad parenting and a crappy school system...

Fourteen year old Dillon Cossey of Norristown, PA was arrested for planning a Columbine-style assault on his classmates.

Reports state that his parents had removed him from school and decided to educate him at home due to excessive bullying because he was overweight. According to reports, police found "30 air-powered guns, swords, knives, a bomb-making book, videos of the 1999 Columbine attack in Colorado and violence-filled notebooks in the boy's bedroom" . The mother purchased some of the firearms for her son.

Here's a 14-year old who is picked on so bad his parents have to pull him out of school and he feels so lost and unwanted that he feels he must kill others and perhaps even take his own life. This kid was failed by his parents and the school system.

First, his parents had a responsibility to support and encourage him in POSITIVE ways to help him get through his troubled times. Second, the school had a responsibility to put an end to the bullying. If bullying becomes so excessive that parents have to take their child out of school, then you would think the school administration would take some sort of disciplinary action against the perps. Schools are responsible for ensuring a safe learning environment for ALL students.

Authorities are considering trying this teen as an adult. What a shame. I am glad nobody was injured or killed but this kid doesn't need jail time he needs serious counseling. Sending him to prison would likely get him killed. He needs help, he needs to be permanently removed from his parents home and placed with people who will care about his needs, support and encourage him and be good role models. This kid is young enough that with the proper support, counseling and guidance, he can be saved but if he goes to prison he'll be dead.

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  1. That prosecutor wants that kids head because it is a head line grabber.I cant get started I get to pissed the laws we have are good laws mostly its just the way that justice is delt out that sucks. To much depends on your color or if you have money or if your famous I could go on and on but nothing would change.