Thursday, November 08, 2007

DH turning into

DH and I were talking the other day about how to re-organize and re-decorate our home. We were talking about colors for the walls and window treatments and he gave his opinion about what we should do when he suddenly stopped himself! He realized here he was, a manly man, pondering color schemes. He says "Oh my goodness, what's happening to me?"

I thought it was funny. Of course I said to him "there's nothing wrong with guys wanting to redecorate!"

Later on we're talking again, this time about candles. I bought this nice new tablecloth with fall leaves and fall colors on it that goes great with our color scheme and we had a bunch of candles we'd gotten recently. Some of the candles had a color scheme of dark green/brown/mulberry that a nice complement for the table. DH comments it would look great and that instead of a centerpiece which I'd originally wanted, we should use the candle.

Then he caught himself again and laughed. Here's the manly man again talking candles and tableclothes.

Too funny.

DH loves candles, in fact here's a secret you'll now know. When we went out a couple of Fridays ago to Hobby Lobby with RedQueen, DH filled the basket with a few model cars and lots of candles, all kinds of fall scents. Among them were 8 mulberry candles in jars. He loves mulberry. He loves candles.

Who knew?

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