Saturday, November 03, 2007

I think I'll sue Crayola...

...because I'm offended.

You see, DH, RedQueen and I were at our annual trip to Hobby Lobby in Ocala yesterday. It was Homecoming and we all had the day off so we figured we'd load up on crafting supplies. I was perusing the aisle where they keep the metallic and other type markers when I came upon something quite interesting.

Now I'd certainly heard of people being multicultural but not art supplies. So I picked up the package and looked at the colors---tan, beige, tawny, gold, bronze, terra cotta, mahogany, and sienna. I didn't see "white" though. And of course all my life I've always been told by others that I'm white so I felt kinda left out when I didn't see any white markers. DH and RQ were also offended because all their lives they've been told they are white and like me, their skin color certainly doesn't match any of those crayola markers. Of course our skin color isn't really "white" but since all our lives we've been labeled as such, I figured that we had a right to expect markers for us too. And now they have this cool multi-culti palette and still they can't come up with a color for people of light skin like us, who are light but not pale or pink, not quite peachy, and not quite brown either.

When I got home I checked out Crayola's website to send an email complaining that I felt discriminated against and this is when I just fell outta my chair laughing.

Crayola's website advertises the markers:

Crayola® 8 ct. Washable Multicultural Broad Line Markers is an assortment of ethnic-sensitive color palette. The broad line markers have a unique conical tip that is good for coloring and detailing. Good colors for school projects.

Crayola not only has ethnic sensitive multiculti markers but they have crayons and pencils too. The crayons are in black, sepia, peach, apricot, white, tan, mahogany, and burnt sienna.

I was thrilled! They had white! But still not "my" color. And then I was thinking to myself how many sepia, black (as in jet black), mahogany and burnt sienna people I've seen and I really couldn't recall any and I have a wide variety of friends, coworkers and acquaintances over the years. Nope, couldn't recall any.

A website which advertises children's educational products describes the multi-culti colors as:

Multicultural markers help children learn about self, family, and community.

Now if only I could find a good lawyer to take my case...

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  1. I guess I grew up knowing nothing about myself and my community since I only had the standard 64-color box of crayons.

    Yeesh! There is a line between "political correctness" and "wacko nut job" and I think crayola may have crossed it.

    Besides, how are you supposed to color a tree, a rainbow, a sun with THOSE colors?????