Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is there no other news?

Please someone tell me that there is something going on in the world that has NOTHING to do with Tim Tebow or the Heisman. Please! ENOUGH ALREADY.

I wish people who know me would quit emailing me that "vote for Tim Tebow" site. I'm not voting for him or anyone else. I don't give a damn that Tebow is leading the Scripps poll and I don't give a damn who wins the damn Heisman.

So if I don't email you back THANKING you for wasting my time sending me that stupid poll website, then maybe, just maybe...

There, I said it. Let the beatings commence!


  1. Yeah, another member of the "I Don't Care" club. Since I married into a sports luvin' family, I hear more than my share of Heisman talk. Yeesh!

  2. Hey Jess, let's make the T-shirts! I must have received 6 emails and 3 Facebook invitations today.

  3. Finally.....a moneymaker?